Game of Thrones Star to Host Bingo night


Love watching Game of Thrones? You’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular shows on television, consistently topping HBO’s charts. If you play Bingo, you might want to pay attention to this because your next game could involve a star of the show.

Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman is trading in the sword he dons on Game of Thrones for a microphone and some bingo balls. The 22-year-old actor plays squire Podrick Payne on the HBO series but he’s making the move from the TV screen to a bingo hall near you for one night. At least if you live in Scotland.

Bingo fans should head to Glasgow bar Coopers on May 15th if they want to meet the star. The charity event is aiming to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Bingo starts at 9pm and tickets are £5.

We’re definitely fans of this type of Bingo event that clearly benefits charity. And before you assume that all kinds of charity Bingo halls already exist to support those less fortunate, think again. A recent investigation in Texas uncovered that charity Bingo doesn’t always benefit charity the way you think.

A CBS story revealed that while the law dictates that charity Bingo events must benefit non-profits, there is no specific rule that outlines exactly how much of the profit a charity could get.

Theoretically, a charity could receive as little as a percent or two of profits. Or in some cases, nothing at all. We don’t think that’s cool. If you’re playing at a charity Bingo hall or even a charity casino, make sure you find out where the funds are going before you hand over your cash.

While it’s not really the case for Bingo, in many cases, charity casinos give the house a bigger edge. For example, in Vegas and at online casinos, a push in Blackjack nets you a tie. But at many charity casinos, a push is a win for the house. That’s great if your money is actually going to a charity. But if it’s just going to line someone’s pockets, there’s no sense playing.

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