Finding Love at an online bingo chat room

Finding love in an online bingo chat room

Move over eHarmony and Plenty of Fish. People from all walks of life are finding love in online bingo chat rooms. Seriously.

It’s an amazing phenomenon, but not one that we’re completely surprised about. Remember, online bingo is way bigger than any community center bingo hall. And that means instead of finding a few dozen people vying for a prize, you’ll find thousands and thousands online at one time—each one with a common interest.

To show you why the online bingo chat room has become the new place to pick up, we’ve put together a few of the top reasons.

Everyone has a common interest

It’s easy to break the ice when you know the person you’re chatting with loves the same things you do. That’s not to say that your love of women’s curling will be appreciated by that special someone. But at least you know that the person you’re talking to loves to play online bingo as much as you do. For people looking for love online, common ground is huge. And in an online bingo chat room, common ground comes standard.

It’s easy to fall in love when you’re not looking to

They say people find love when they least expect it. If you’re on a dating site, you’re expecting love. If the saying is true, you’re doing it all wrong. Love happens when you’re not looking for it, and that’s why online bingo chat rooms have become incubators of romance. People chat with online bingo players to be social, not to hook up. And as chats get more personal, it’s easy for sparks to fly.

It’s a dating site where you can actually make money

While all the big dating sites charge you to connect with other singles, online bingo chat rooms cost you nothing. There’s no price of entry, except for the price of a bingo game if you choose to play.  And because you can actually win money while you chat and play online bingo with other singles, you can actually walk away with extra money—something that’ll come in handy if you want to take another online bingo player on a date.