Finance Worker Is Sent To Jail For Stealing Money To Play Bingo


Although the Bingo world is usually a very wholesome environment, sometimes I am reminded that, bingo, like any other money making activity, can become an unhealthy addiction if you do not possess any self-control. The case of Patricia Lomas is one of those examples of Bingo playing gone wrong.

Lomas, a investment support manager at Ashburton Limited from the Channel Islands, stole more than 500,000 pounds (roughly 830,000 dollars) from her investor clients in order to fuel her online Bingo account. She lost all of her money playing online bingo and, in an act of desperation, started funneling money in the hopes that she would hit a jackpot and solved her cash flow problem. As a total, she lost £759,625 from her addiction. The most surprising fact was that £542,610 of it belonged to her clients. Plus, she squandered 26,000 extra pounds on dental work, laser eye surgery and a brand new car!

In the court hall, Lomas understood the gravity of her actions and tried to offer some sort of apology by explaining that she was deeply lost on her addiction, becoming a “hostage” of her bingo gambling habit. I think this would actually be a stronger defense if it wasn’t for all the extra spending she did. I do not know how to factor cosmetic surgery and new wheels into a struggle with her gambling impulses! But maybe the worst thing she did, besides stealing of course, was manipulating reports and doctor statements in order to continue her addiction, thus, heavily abusing her position as a manager.

Lomas started stealing money in January of 2009 until she was finally found out in November of 2013.At the end of the trial, Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache shipped her off to jail by saying: “You did have six members of staff under you. Although not at director level you have a position of responsibility inside the company. The court sentences you on this indictment to four years. It does so with regret because we understand that you are remorseful and you realize what you have done.” When the sentence was delivered, Lomas bitterly broke down in court.

This is just sad guys. Lomas’ lawyer tried to defend her client by explaining how she had cooperated with the police and offered full disclosure of her actions, offered advice to her company about how to prevent future finance agents from stealing, and justifying her escape into gambling as a response for the stressful working environment of her finance company. Cases like this really expose the underbelly of the Bingo environment. Remember that sites like 123Bingo are meant for you to have fun, win some money and meet other Bingo loving people, and if you find yourself struggling with addictions, there are many people ready to help you come out of it!