Famous Bingo Halls around the World: Australia

innersydney01042015The massive popularity of bingo isn’t restricted to a single area. In fact, the simple game has become a worldwide sensation, with new bingo halls popping up in far-flung locations around the globe.

While most are relatively simple in design and purpose, some bingo halls develop a notable lore for their significant prizes or attendance figures.

In Australia, bingo has become a national pastime. With an estimated 2 million people playing the game each and every month, it’s easy to see why some of the world’s most well-known bingo halls are located within the country’s borders.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most famous bingo destinations in the Land Down Under.

Megabingo – Victoria

With four premier bingo centers throughout the state, Megabingo has developed a reputation for its luxurious and modern environment. However, players don’t just come to this bingo hall for the views. Megabingo gives away thousands in prize money each week, with jackpot winners taking home as much as $13,000. The modern hall features a full schedule of games and activities to keep gamblers interested seven days a week, which is good news for the Australian bingo players inside of us all.

Broadway Bingo Center – Victoria

If you prefer a bit of history with your games of chance, you’ll want to check out the oldest bingo center in the state. Broadway was first opened to the public in 1980, and it has been hosting regular games ever since. In addition to competitive prize money, players at Broadway are also treated to first class service and an inviting atmosphere, which is one reason why the famous bingo hall has continued to thrive after all these years. With a seating capacity that’s about half the size of other halls in the area, this venue looks to remain a favorite for years to come.

Tiger Bingo – Queensland

Open three days a week, this bingo hall specializes in novelty games to keep players on the edges of their seats. Gamblers have access to a menu of light refreshments, as well as plenty of chances to win in both traditional and customized contests.

Mega Cash Bingo Center – New South Wales

Located in a spacious auditorium with room for up to 500 players, this popular bingo hall boasts big jackpots and cash prizes for winners. This hall is great for bingo traditionalists, as the vast majority of games on offer at this hall follow the tried and tested rules that made bingo such a popular game in the first place.

Though online bingo halls have skyrocketed in popularity, it’s difficult to dismiss the social dynamic on offer at traditional, brick and mortar bingo halls. Popularized in churches and social clubs, people from a wide variety of backgrounds turn to bingo when they want a way to combine the thrills of gambling and social interaction. Though laws and restrictions have limited the growth of bingo halls in most countries, look for their popularity to continue to grow in the coming months and years.