Don’t hit a Bingo chat room before understanding the Bingo periodical table of elements


Bingo is a blast, but if you’re playing the game in silence, you’re missing out. We know what you’re thinking. How is online Bingo, where you can play in the darkness of your basement at 3am, more social than a live Bingo game where there are real people seated right beside you?

Well, the truth is that online Bingo is actually way more social than its land-based counterpart thanks to Bingo chat rooms that allow you to talk with thousands of Bingo players all over the world from the comforts of home. In fact, Bingo rooms make online Bingo the most social form of gambling entertainment around, no ifs, ands, or buts.

But if you’re new to a Bingo chat room, you might not be familiar with all the lingo being tossed around left, right, and center. And it’s not just foreign words that Bingo players use in the chat room. We’re now talking acronyms. In many cases, today’s Bingo players have adopted a 2-word short form that many have described as a periodical table of Bingo. In a nutshell, Bingo players have transformed Bingo terminology into 2-letter Bingo “elements”, much like what you’d see on that periodical table of elements you were introduced to in 9th grade chemistry.

Before you have a panic attack much like you did on exam day (or much like I did pretty much every day walking into that 9th grade Chemistry class lab), don’t sweat it. We’ve got everything you need to know about today’s new periodical table of elements.


Bb, Basket – Tokens, prizes, and cash have their place. In Bingo, it’s called a Basket.

Fh, Full House – Not to be confused with the hit TV series of the 1980s or the hand in poker, in Bingo, this is what it’s called when you fill out a full Bingo card.

Li, Lines – These are simply lines on a Bingo playing card, either virtual or real.

Ln, Lucky Numbers – Just like the lottery, Bingo players have certain lucky numbers. They’re often referred to as Ln.

Pj, Progressive Jackpots – Jackpots are generally large, but progressive jackpots that grow and grow until they’re popped are what Bingo players crave.

Jj, Jumbo Jackpots – When a jackpot includes an enormous cash prize, they are often referred to as Jumpy.

Sj, Sliding Jackpots – While progressive jackpots are great, Sliding Jackpots are equally fun. These might change in either direction, making things more interesting. Not all players love Sliding Jackpots (after all, you want your jackpot to grow, not shrink) but many players adore them.

Bt, Buy Tickets – When you play online, you may need to purchase tickets. Look for the term Bt, which stands for Buy Tickets.

Bc, Buy Cards – Much like Buying Tickets, but instead of tickets, we’re talking about Bingo cards.

Cr, Chat Room – This is the place where all these Bingo terms are used. So if someone says, “CU L8r in the Cr” you know what they’re talking about.

Mb, Minimum Bet – If a Bingo site has a minimum bet for a Bingo card, this might be referred to as Mb. Note that this often applies to casino games too (you’ll find lots of them at

Bo, Bonus Policy – Every Bingo site, including ours, has a policy for Bingo Bonuses. This is referred to as the Bonus Policy, but the term Bo is used interchangeably.

L7, Lucky Seven – In Bingo, 7 is considered a lucky number. This is true in many cultures and it carries over to the Bingo world.

Co, Coverall – This is a Bingo game variation in which all squares on the Bingo card are covered. In Coverall games, you need to daub an entire card in order to win.

Jp, Jackpot – This is the top prize in a Bingo game, online or off.

Ms, Main Stage Bingo – This term is used to talk about the Main Event of a Bingo session. The term is used in online Bingo game and in live Bingo too.

Pyr, Pyramid – When you hit a pattern on a Bingo card in the shape of a Pyramid, that’s a Pyr. Note that you might find Pyramid games online, but many Bingo players will refer to hitting a Pyr during a regular game, just because it’s fun to see.

Practice these terms now

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