Countries in which Bingo is Most Popular

innercountry22072015Bingo fever is spreading fast, and there’s no need for any fancy cure. When it was regulated to simple gambling halls in far-flung destinations, the game was already immensely popular. However, with the rise of online gambling and the associated convenience that comes with it, there’s little doubt that bingo is bigger than ever.

Much like the internet, the popularity of online bingo isn’t isolated to a single region or country. Instead, hotbeds of bingo fever are springing up around the globe.

So, where are the biggest concentrations of bingo fanatics located? Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the countries in which this classic game has become a phenomenon.

United Kingdom

When it comes to online bingo, the UK is at the top of every list. Whether you study popularity based on number of players, number of sites or annual growth, you’ll have difficulty finding a metric for which the UK is not near the top of the pack. To illustrate this fact, let’s take a look at the country’s recent boom in bingo sites. In 2004, there were less than 20 online bingo sites serving UK players. Just over a decade later, these players have access to well over 400 bingo options. Put simply, the UK is the undisputed leader in overall bingo popularity.


The gambling options in China are notably limited outside of Macau, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese gambling enthusiasts from jumping on the online gaming bandwagon and riding it straight to big time winnings. What started with blackjack and baccarat has now evolved to include the full spectrum of casino titles, and bingo is no exception. If popularity continues to grow at recent rates, look for China to usurp the UK as the bingo king sooner rather than later.


According to the Chilean government, bingo is a more acceptable betting option than other casino games. It is because of this fact that bingo has become an unofficial national pastime in this South American nation. To start, all 17 of the country’s casinos feature bingo halls, which helped the game gain favor with Chile’s gambling communities. These days, online bingo games are booming from the north to the south.

United States

While federal officials have recently placed the online casino industry under a microscope, bingo has remained largely undisturbed. Maybe it’s because of the game’s ties to the elderly community, or maybe it’s because there are a few bingo fans working for the Department of Justice. Whatever the case may be, online bingo is a hit among players of all ages because of its relaxing pace and timeless rules. When you don’t feel like developing some complicated strategy, bingo will always be there to keep things simple.

The rapid rise of the online gambling industry has had a variety of effects on the popularity of some of the world’s most beloved games, but there’s little doubt about the booming popularity of bingo. In whatever country you may find yourself, few games present the benefits offered by a round or two of bingo.