Coolest Bingo World Records


The Guinness World Records have been popular since the 1950’s by documenting all the exceptional cases in which people challenge ordinary expectations and play with the limits of the imaginable and possible. And bingo records are not the exception. Although there are a lot of bingo records online, there are only three official Guinness world records when it comes to Bingo. They should give you plenty of ideas if you want to challenge them or reach new bingo records of your own.

Largest Game of Bingo

A record that has stood strong since 2006, the largest game of bingo was officiated in Colombia as a publicity stunt of Éxito, a well-known shopping chain. The game was played on Bogotá, Colombia on December 2nd, 2006 and was attended by 70,080 players, who won over $250,000 in cash prizes plus apartment gifts and Éxito vouchers to spend in their stores.

Largest amount of money won at in-house bingo

The largest pot was won in the United Kingdom by 53 year old Christine Bradfield in January 27, 2008. She was playing the Sunday night National Bingo Game in the Castle Leisure Bingo Club, located in South Wales. She won £1,101,686 ($ 2,185,260). The National Bingo Game jackpot is not only considered to be the biggest jackpot in Britain, but also in the world.

The jackpot played in 470 clubs across the UK is the biggest in Britain and it is thought to be the biggest anywhere in the world say its organizers. Bradfield shared the prize with her sister in law and does not plan to quit her job at a gas station anytime soon because she would get bored from a life of leisure.

Largest Bingo Balls

The most recent bingo Guinness World Record happened not to long ago. On July 15, 2004, the members of gala Bingo broke a world record by creating the biggest bingo balls ever and playing street bingo in the set of the TV show Coronation Street in Manchester, UK. The activity was also done to help raise money and alertness for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. This initiative tries to demystify the talking of cancer in all parts of the body, intimate or not, especially in men.

The Guinness World Record (TM) was set by playing with bingo balls that measured 60.1 cm (1 ft 11.66 in). They used 90 balls to play the game and the activity managed to raise £10 000 for the charity. The actual bingo game was hilarious because they threw the balls from the top windows of a house while celebrity announcer Alison Hammond called the numbers.

Largest Online Bingo Game Ever Played

However, it is not only live bingo games that get to take all of the accolades; in fact, there is also one record for online bingo. The largest online bingo game was organized by the Coca Cola Company and it was played by 493,824 members of Coca-Cola Park in Tokyo, Japan, on September 3rd, 2010. I really think that if all of the players at 123Bingo get organized, we can make history together, especially because every day more and more people join us to be part of the finest and funnest online community out there!