Collector’s Dream: Vintage Bingo sets you’ll want to get your hands on


It’s Bingo time! Actually, make that Bingo Back-In-Time because today, it’s all about old-school Bingo sets that true collectors and Bingo fans will absolutely love.

Sure you can grab a Bingo set at any old Toys R Us or online at But modern Bingo sets are just that — modern. They lack some of the imagination and magic of yesteryear’s Bingo innovations.

Today, we’re taking a trip down memory land to look at some classic Bingo sets. But this isn’t about soaking it all in and enjoying a flashback. It’s about giving you the opportunity to buy these vintage Bingo sets. Each one of the vintage Bingo sets revealed here are available for purchase through private sale. Have a look. We know you’ll find something you like.

Unique Bingo Caller

If you’re a huge fan of all things retro and you love hosting home Bingo games, you’re going to want to grab this vintage Bingo counter from eBay. It might be gone by the time you’re reading this, but if it’s available, you should definitely snag it.

Made by Kalon, the Bingo counter automatically bulls numbers and letters. You can use this around a dining room table if you’re playing low key Bingo or stand at the front of a room and enjoy a game with a large group of friends.


Monte Carlo Bingo Set

Take a trip back to the 1950 when Ward and June Cleaver ruled the airwaves and this old-fashioned Bingo set felt ultra modern. The Monte Carlo Bingo set captures the elegance, glitz, and glamor of Monte Carlo and let’s you bring it home to your private Bingo games. OK, truth be told, this doesn’t look anything like anything you’d see in Monte Carlo today. But we’re guessing Monte Carlo back in the 1950s was a little simpler and a little more staid. This Bingo set has a cage, balls, Bingo cards, and everything you need to enjoy the ultimate 1950s Bingo adventure.


Vintage, Unused Bingo Set

If you hate buying vintage Bingo sets because the cards have been used and everything looks like it’s seen better days, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to settle. This 1940s Bingo set might look old, but it’ll definitely feel brand new. The cards have yet to be used and nothing has been punched. If you’re going to snag this one, we recommend keeping it in the same condition. It makes a great conversation piece, so we recommend leaving it in the box and placing it either on a bookshelf or on a coffee table. If your friend really want to play Bingo, break out a newer Bingo set or play online instead.


Magic Bingo Caller

If you’re looking for a different type of Bingo ball dispenser, take a look at this Bingo set made in 1957. Instead of a cage with balls that you rotate, it features a “magic” Bingo dispenser that calls out letters and numbers with a simple push or twist.


Unique Wood-Like Bingo Caller

In case you missed that first Kalon Bingo caller, here’s another one. This one has a wooden mahogany look to it and features the same letter and number calling system as the one mentioned above. If you’ve ever used one of these, you know that they’re way more interesting than the cage and balls. However, if you’re looking for the traditional Bingo system that allows you to pull balls out of a cage like you’re playing the lottery, this is not your best bet.


Prefer something modern?

If you’re into modern Bingo, check out You can play online Bingo from the comforts of home on your PC or Mac whenever you’re in the mood. Yes, our Bingo experience is anything but vintage. But sometimes you just crave a modern Bingo experience.

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