Choosing the right bingo room

Some fun money bingo sites are fantastic. Others? Not so much. Some are massive. Some are too massive. Some are small. And some bingo sites barely have enough players to put together a baseball team with.

So with so many online bingo sites to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Start right here, with our tips for choosing the right bingo room for you.

Look for reviews

Wondering if there’s anything beyond that fancy flash banner advertising fun money bingo? Concerned that your real money bingo cash might land in the hands of a fly-by-night bingo hall? You’re not alone. Those looking to play real money bingo, or even those interested in a site where they can play free bingo can’t be too careful. Remember, it’s your money, so you want to make sure you’re choosing to play free bingo or real money bingo somewhere reputable.

The Internet’s a great place to start. A simple Google research will yield tons of online bingo reviews that you can use to figure out whether the site you have your eye on is worth playing it.

Take each review with a grain of salt. While most reviews reflect how a site operates, some positive reviews might have been posted by employees of the site (especially if they’re dishonest). Negative reviews might have been posted by disgruntled players who don’t understand how bonuses work, or even ex-employees.

Check Facebook

Do a bingo search in Facebook and find out if your friends are fans of any online bingo pages or bingo apps. Even if no one you know plays bingo, you’ll find all kinds of large bingo sites that you might not have even been aware of.

Look for a site that will let you play for free

When you choose to play free bingo, you could either choose to play bingo just for fun, or you could choose to play free bingo and actually win big money?

Confused? Us too. But let us explain. When you choose to play real money bingo with someone else’s money, you’re actually playing free bingo with the chance to win real cash.

Still confused? That’s probably because you’re not aware of big bonuses that you could earn when you decide to play free bingo.

Just sign up for a fun money bingo account at the right online bingo site to get the bonus. Some sites will hand you as much as $25 in playable money, just for signing up.

From chatting with friends to scouring the net, there are countless things you could do to find the right place to play online bingo at. And remember, if you’re playing for free, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up with multiple online bingo sites. So go ahead and test the online bingo waters. You’ll be glad you did.