Chat Room Etiquette: How to Deal with Problem Players

One of the best things about playing Bingo online is that you get to play with other people without having to leave your house. Online Bingo brings excitement into your life while you get the bonus of being comfortable and free from the smoky Bingo parlor out behind the Laundromat.

Despite having so many positive aspects, there are a few Bingo downers associated with online Bingo; players who ruin the fun atmosphere of the chat rooms. Sure, there are chat room moderators who watch out for the sour losers and bragging winners who get on and offend people, but moderators cannot be on all the time which means some problem players will slip through the cracks.

Negative Nellies

We all know someone, that one person who can take something as wonderful as winning the lottery and immediately turn it into a negative experience. Well, there are plenty of people like that trolling online bingo chat rooms. These are the people who ruin your good time by droning on about how bad their gaming experiences are, how their lives are sad, their bank accounts are empty, and their relationships are falling apart.

The best thing to do with this type of problem player is to ignore them, block them, or report them. Never feed their negativity.

Spammy Sammies

These are the problem players that sneak into the chat rooms to spam them. That means that they post short, annoying advertisements about whatever and provide links to click. These types of “players” are con artists who only want to make a few bucks selling you something, or they are hackers looking for an in to your computer in order to plant malware.


Obnoxious Ollies

This problem player doesn’t care who they offend. They will say whatever they want in an effort to get a rise out of you. Either they enjoy hurting people, want to get an edge through distraction, or they are simply mean people.

The best thing to do with this type of player is to ignore them and report their behavior to the chat room moderator.

Perverted Paulies

Yes, even online Bingo chat rooms have the occasional pervert player. These are the players that get on and want to chat about sexually explicit or sexually themed topics. The only thing to do with these types of players is to ignore them and report them. Speaking with them or giving them personal information about yourself (we do this without really even thinking about it) is just adding fuel to their deviant fire.

Online Bingo chat rooms have a written set of guidelines that all chatters must follow. If you run into a problem player, deal with them according to those guidelines.

Don’t let problem players ruin the Bingo chat room experience for you.