British Grandmother Pops £115,000 Bingo Jackpot


We love a feel-good bingo story. And at, we pump out a lot of winners every day. Bingo fans can play from the comforts of home and enjoy great bingo games for fun or real money. And while we love online bingo, we still love live bingo. We love the social aspect of it. We love the smell of freshly printed bingo cards and brightly colored ink daubers. And we love to hear people scream “Bingo!” live and in person.

Once place we would have loved to be was the UK, where just this week 74-year-old Pat Alcock won £115,000 playing bingo.

The Mecca Bingo hall she was playing it was participating in the National Bingo Game. Essentially, the game is kind of like a hybrid between live bingo and online bingo. You physically play bingo in a live setting, but your hall is linked with a number of other bingo halls across the country that are also participating in the National Bingo Game.

Pat hit the jackpot and netted that £115,000 win (about $191,000 USD). Not a bad payday, but we should note that Pat had been playing Bingo for 50 years. Now here’s where our calculation gets interesting. $191,000 divided by 50 years is $3,820. Take that figure and divide it by 52 and you get about $73 a week.

Could you make $73 a week playing bingo? You can if you play online. And because you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t have to account for extra expenditures like gas and refreshments while you’re at the bingo hall. And with online bingo, you also have the opportunity to pop a big jackpot or play other games, like video slots, keno, blackjack, and table games.

Bottom line? No matter where you choose to play bingo, you’ve got huge opportunities to win. We don’t really care where you play. We just want you to enjoy the game we all love and experience it firsthand. So hop online. Or hit a bingo hall with friends. Either way, you’ll love it.