Bizarre Bingo Stories


At the end of each year, us human beings, have a tendency to get a little bit happier, more extreme, more emotional or let’s face it, a bit crazier. Remember our post about the Bingo Accidents?

As on ode to this tendency, we asked many of you to send us your craziest or weirdest bingo stories and these are the three most bizarre that we got.


Who will keep him?

“Last year I went to one of those small towns in Ohio to visit my aunt who is eighty years old. Don’t think for a second that this woman is sitting in a rocking chair and my days spent with her were pacific and relaxing. On the contrary, my aunt bakes, cleans her two story house, does grocery shopping, walks eight blocks to go to church and plays bingo. With that said, she took me one night to play bingo with her and her many friends who are all her same age. After an hour of playing and having a lot of fun listening to the stories and the funny remarks, we heard that a lady was screaming at someone from far away. After a few seconds it got louder and louder, because the lady was coming closer to our table. When she finally reached us, she pointed at my aunt and said:

-“You (beep) is it true that you’re sleeping with my husband?”

I stood up ready to defend my aunt from this other eighty year old woman. What I never expected was to hear my aunt’s response in the softest and calmest of manners:

-“Yes, I am. So who is leaving him? You or me? When you know the answer, let me know.”

My aunt stood up, took her purse, pulled my arm and we calmly left the bingo hall. She was there one week later for her usual bingo night. I never asked her what the man’s wife responded. (For my sake)”

How do I fly sheep overseas?

“I once went to a bingo hall in England where bingo is extremely popular. My wife has friends in this country and we all share the passion for the game. The bingo hall was located at the north of the country in a small village where our friends live. Everything seemed normal until we heard that the prizes that were going to be given that night were a sheep, a cow, a puppy and sheep’s wool. I mean, I don’t come from a big city, but really? Animals?”

Skinny Bingo?

“My friend Clara took me to a bingo event where I thought I might meet a single interesting man. She said it was a bingo event for young people and I said “let’s go.” My surprise was as soon as I entered the venue: it was a party where everyone was only wearing their underwear. As I turned to face Clara, she was taking off her clothes expecting me to do the same. I left. Sorry, I’m not that European yet. I rather play online bingo.”

Do you have any other bizarre bingo stories you would like to share with us?