Bingo! The Winning Musical


If you are into bingo, and you are into musicals, then I have a great little show to recommend especially for you. This interactive musical takes the simple little grandma gambling game and turns it into an entire comic drama with laughs galore. Stoking most of its fire from the formidable, talented, and hearty cast, Bingo! is a must see for anyone and everyone who loves a good, wholesome, interactive laugh.

The story begins on a dark and stormy night. Not a very typical atmosphere for a comic musical, huh? Regardless, this storm, or hurricane rather, forms a strong semiotic element for a broken friendship between two of the main characters, Vern and Bernice. Once the best of friends, a flashback in the plot demonstrates to the audience how the two storm up their unbreakable relationship. The bingo quartet was originally made up of Vern,—the rather rough-around-the-edges, robust, crusty, yet noble and warm-hearted protagonist—Pasty,—the mousy, neurotic and anxious, and overly superstitious partner with energy flowing from every pore—Honey,—the stereotypical yet completely lovable dumb blonde—and of course Bernice —an altogether good mother, excellent baker, and truly sweet and warm-hearted woman that tends to be a little passive aggressive with her friends. This day being only the first three, they embark on the grueling mission of attending the weekly bingo game at the local church in spite of the terrible hurricane. Nothing will stop them from missing their weekly bingo game, the obsession of their lives. The plot unravels with lots of energetic numbers, laughs, love, and heart-warming moments.

The cast boasts some very well-versed performers. The role of Vern is played by Liz McCartney, who has performed in everything from Mama Mia! to Les Miserables to The Phantom of the Opera and starred in Taboo and also starred in Dance of the Vampires. Liz Larsen interprets the role of Honey. Ms. Larsen also starred in Fiddler on the Roof and in The Most Happy Fella; she is best known for her work on the well-known television series Law and Order. The role of Patsy is played by Janet Metz, who has performed in many shows including Fiddler on the Roof and Once Upon a Mattress. Bernice is played by Klea Blackhurst, best known for her work in Everything the Traffic Will Allow, a tribute to Ethel Merman. Finally, the cast boasts Beth Malone, who starred in Ring of Fire, a tribute to Johnny Cash in the following year.

The sprightly and vivacious musical numbers are another element that will provide all spectators endless enjoyment. Written by Michael Heitzman, Ilene Reid, and David Holcenberg, the tunes will have you humming all the way home. The opening number, “Girls’ Night Out,” will bring you straight into the atmosphere of the show.

One innovative aspect of the interactive musical comedy genre is the interactive part. So, how can a musical be interactive? It is quite simple really. The audience gets involved in some of the action occurring on stage. In this case is Bingo!, they have the audience play along in the bingo scenes! The audience becomes part of the musical in this way.

Bingo! is a hearty, light, and lovable musical for anyone who enjoys the bingo scene and can empathize with these kinds of lovable characters.