Bingo Scary Stories


I’m sure you have also heard many of them. Those scary stories that stick to people and they can’t seem to stop themselves from sharing them. If you have ever been part of a bingo hall, you might have heard a few scary stories. Almost every bingo hall I’ve ever been to, has always entertained me with some kind of urban legend.

We asked our members to send us scary bingo stories that they might have heard from fellow bingo players or stories that they might have experienced themselves. Check them out, because at least two of them really got me spooked. If you have stories to tell us, don’t hesitate to send them our way!

Loving Bingo…Forever

“I work part time as a janitor in the Community Center of the town where I have lived all of my life. I won’t say the name of the town, because we’re trying to get tourists to come to the area. Anyhow, we have bingo games three times per week. Most of the players, especially on Tuesday nights, are an older crowd. On one Monday of last year, one of the Tuesday night bingo players, died. Rose was an avid bingo player who never missed a night of bingo. On that following Tuesday, many people were quite sad and overall, the feeling of the night was a depressing one. When the game was over, I stayed cleaning the hall like I usually do. For a moment, I went to wash the mop and when I came back I saw Rose sitting down in her customary spot marking her carton. I reached my pocket to get my cel phone to take a picture and when I looked back, she was gone. I know it sounds like fiction, but I did see her that one time.”

John Lewis – Ohio

Educational Bingo?

“In my home town there is a school that was built in a lot where there used to be a bingo hall. The bingo hall was the center of the community for many decades and when they demolished the building to build a new and modern elementary school, many people in the town were disappointed. It is now said by many children in our town, that they can hear the manual bingo consoles turning. It’s not something one kid says, it’s a gossip or in our case, a true fact that we as a town have adopted. The bingo hall is still there.”

Mary K. – Arkansas

Sometimes you need to do the unspeakable

“My mother used to own a bingo hall. She owned the building, rather than the bingo business itself, but she attended the games religiously. When she passed away ten years ago, I had to sell the building to pay family debts. The day that I sold the building, I went to bed earlier than regular. After one hour or two of sleeping, I woke up with a strange feeling. When I turned on the lamp, I saw my bedroom floor covered in bingo cartons that I had kept away in boxes in our cellar. I have always felt that it was my mother telling me that she was upset about losing the building.”

Samuel – Bedford, Virginia

Bingo winners from beyond

“All throughout our town, there has been an urban legend that in the old building where people used to play bingo, you could hear screams of people calling “bingo.” This wouldn’t be scary if I once hadn’t heard it. I was twenty years old and I took a date for dinner. On the way back, we started kissing and decided to hide in the shadows of the old building. And yes, we stopped kissing when we heard a loud female voice scream “BINGO.”

Peter B. – Washington State