Bingo News: Bingo Photography, Births and a bit More!


We’re very excited about today’s news, because guess what? You sent them to us!

These news vary in shape and color, since they can cover from what’s being done in your local bingo hall, to new technology improvements to the bingo equipment or even, funny stories that relate to how bingo is growing or how it influences your lives. In other words, you make our bingo news. Check out the great stories we have for you.

Bingo Photography

“Hi, my name is Maryanne Fromm and I just heard about a photographer called Michael Hess that went around Bingo Halls in the UK and took amazing pictures that portray the reality, fun and family oriented environment in them. I think it’s an amazing portrait of our lives in these great places where we shower ourselves in this game.” His website has great pictures, yet this interview will give you a broader insight into his life photographing bingo halls.”

A Bingo Angel Was Born

“I was raised and still live in Brooklyn and guess what? I have been going to the same bingo hall for twenty years and I haven’t even reached forty yet. The news I’m sending you have to remain anonymous, since the people involved in it, don’t want their names mentioned. But, it was a Thursday night at our Bingo Hall and weirdly enough, the hall was quite full for a weekday. After one hour or so of playing the game, a pregnant bingo colleague that I know for ages, looked at me with a fainting gaze. I immediately understood, having had three babies myself, and went to her side. I didn’t expect to find that her water broke, but least of all; I didn’t expect to find that she was already in labor. I immediately called 911 and another bingo colleague who is a doctor immediately came to our side. We took her to a side of the room and sat her in a bench. She was so ahead that we had to lay her down on her coat, my own and her husband’s. The bingo game stopped, not so much because of her noise, which was barely audible, but because it was obvious a baby was about to be born in any minute. I kid you not when I say that a baby girl was born ten minutes after I first stood up to come to her side. The ambulance came about three minutes after the bingo angel was born and the paramedics took the new family of three to the hospital for the usual checkups. Baby, mother and dad are all in perfect health and from what I hear, the three of them might join us for a game next week. I was given permission to tell you that the baby’s name is Rosalyn.” – Donna Lebowitz

Bingo Tax Cuts

“Hello to all of you from London! I was just wondering if you heard the great news. MP’s in the United Kingdom want to reduce the taxes on bingo. The interesting side to this news is that they want to prevent clubs from closing. Here is the news straight from the BBC for all of you to check out. Let’s hope this wish becomes a reality.” – John Cornwall