Bingo Lingo: The online bingo terminology you need to know

One of the great features of online bingo is the chat function and all the bingo jargon that gets spewed. A great online bingo room doesn’t just let you sit back and watch the balls get called. The big online bingo sites are renowned for their community feel, and a big part of that comes from in-game chat and community forums.

Now, if you’re an online bingo pro, dropping into a chat and throwing down your two cents is easy. But if you’re new to online bingo, it might seem “all Greek to you” (unless of course you happen to speak Greek, in which case this expression doesn’t apply—but you get what we mean).

So today we’re going to touch on the online bingo terminology you need to know to feel comfortable playing with people who love to win. Consider this your own personal online bingo glossary. Feel free to print it out and use it as reference the next time you hear something that sounds completely foreign.

“I was so cased” – If you only need one number to complete an online bingo patteren, consider yourself cased. Other similar expressions include Waiting, Set, Down, Ready, and Chance.

“He jumped the gun” – This is common outside of bingo, too. And in best online bingo, it’s exactly what it sounds like—someone who shouts “Bingo!” before actually having bingo. In this scenario, the player likely has bingo, but the caller has yet to actually make the number call.

“Sorry about the falsie!” – You’ll hear that term when someone calls bingo by accident. They likely misread a number or stamped their cards incorrectly. Believe it or not, false alarms happen a lot in online bingo, too.

“I hope we see some wild numbers tonight” – No, this has nothing to do with numbers that can’t be controlled by their parents. In many bingo halls, and in some cases online, certain games include a wild number. It’s usually the first ball drawn, and it allows online bingo players to start the game with multiple called numbers.

“Who’s moonlighting it tonight?” – Moonlight bingo is also called late night bingo, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A game that starts at around 10pm is considered to be of the moonlight variety. The expression is less common online, especially at the big sites where players from all over the world come to play. Remember, it could be moonlight bingo for you and breakfast bingo for someone else in the room.

Got those terms locked in your brain? There’s lots more online bingo terminology to learn, but like any language, the best way to learn it is by practicing it. So go ahead and play bingo games online . You’ll be surprised what you pick up.