Bingo Accidents: happen more often than you think


Fist fights. Cuts. Bruises. Broken legs. Sound like a hockey game to you? Nope, it’s Bingo. We’re serious. It’s not every day that a brawl breaks out at a Bingo hall, but it happened last October at Gala Bingo Hall in the UK.

Six women were handed a lifetime nationwide ban from the Bingo hall in Torquay—and we don’t blame the authorities for handing down that kind of serious fine. An ordinary argument turned into extraordinary mayhem as six women went bananas, throwing chairs at one another and trying to inflict pain.

Sounds crazy right? Well, Bingo hall accidents happen more often than you think.

A 75-year old woman was hit and killed by a Ford Taurus after leaving a bingo hall in Corpus Christi, Texas.

And on New Year’s Day, 2012, a Milwaukee couple was heading home from a Bingo hall when they were struck and killed by a drunk driver.

In November 2013, a fire broke out at a bingo hall in Sydney, Australia. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire.

With all this craziness, you might assume that Bingo is dangerous. The truth? It isn’t. All these accidents just happened to be Bingo-related, but they really could have happened anywhere. The reality is that Bingo is probably one of the safest pastimes you can think of. In terms of accidents, you’re more likely to experience these:

The big ink injury

If you’re not careful, those daubers can cause quite the mess. And we’re not just talking about ink on your fingers. That comes off. But ink on clothing? There’s not enough Tide-to-Go to clean up that mess.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Performing the same motion over and over again is never a good thing. People who spend their time in front of a computer all day fall victim to it. Same with cashiers at the grocery store. And if you’re not careful with those ink daubers, you might experience pain in your wrists. Be careful!

Back Pain

Sitting down for way too long can hurt your back. So if you’re playing Bingo, online or off, make sure you take the time to stretch. There are some good resources online for back stretches, so check them out and then talk to a healthcare professional before doing those stretches.

Playing online bingo at can’t help you avoid back pain or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, but because there’s no ink, we can pretty much guarantee that your clothes won’t get stained (unless you don’t quite get the concept of online bingo and you keep daubing your laptop screen).