1,200 Raised by Bingo for Boardwalk Buddy Walk

1,200 Raised by Bingo for Boardwalk Buddy Walk – 123 Bingo OnlineFunds Raised by Local Non-profit Dedicated to Helping Special Needs Persons

The May 30 Buddy Bingo Night at the Dewey Beach Lions Club bingo hall was a huge success. Over $1200 was raised for the Boardwalk Buddy Walk. This money will help the organization put on its 10th annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, October 10th.

The Boardwalk Buddy Walk organization is dedicated to helping people with Down’s Syndrome and other, similar disorders. It operates primarily in the Rehobeth and Dewey areas. The organization has been around for a decade, and has helped hundreds of mentally challenged persons.

Bingo Event a Success

The May 30 event was organized by Lauren Wright and Karen Mumford. They are longtime members of the organization, and members of the board. Liz Evans and Sharonlee Diehl assisted them with the logistics of the event. The organization chose to put on a live bingo event, as bingo online is not an option for fundraising at this time.

Participants bought three bingo cards for each of the 15 games. The winner of each game was given a prize package from one of several different companies. The companies included SoDel Concepts, Origami Owl, The Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Thirty One, Kevin Fleming Studios, Jamberry, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, Avon, Perfectly Posh, Atlantic Theaters, County Bank, Urban Studio, Cotton Club, Oak Orchard Diner, Nicola Pizza, Giant Food, Jewelry in Candles, Initials Inc. and Just Comfort shoes.

The Organization’s Mission

The Boardwalk Buddy Walk holds such events on a regular basis. The proceeds from these events go towards the organization’s charitable mission. They are focused on helping people with cognitive disorders in any way possible. The organization’s goal is to create a community where special needs citizens feel welcome. This may mean working, playing, or simply living in the community.

The organization has salaried or hourly employees. They rely solely on donations and fundraisers to pay for their efforts. The low overhead of the foundation allows all of the money raised to go towards their operations in the Eastern Sussex County area.

Programs Besides the Buddy Walk

Besides the Buddy Walk itself, the organization also runs a kitchen training program for mentally challenged persons. This program has taught many people basic cooking skills, and is known for being fun as well as informative. The program is held in the Dewey Beach Lions clubhouse, the same place the bingo fundraiser was held.

The Boardwalk Buddy Walk’s Partner Organizations

While the Boardwalk Buddy Walk makes great solo efforts to help special needs members of the community, they also work with many different organizations. These organizations include Best Buddies, Special Olympics and Chimes. Together, these institutions have done a great deal of good in the area.

The Boardwalk Buddy Walk Event

The Boardwalk Buddy Walk plans to hold several similar events in the coming months. The Boardwalk Buddy Walk itself is scheduled for October 10th. It will be held at the Boardwalk and Bandstand. The event is expected to be packed, as were the last several Buddy Walks. The Boardwalk Buddy Walk organization is putting on a full schedule of events, as the Buddy Walk is the biggest event of the year for them. Among those scheduled to appear is the Emmy-nominated children’s show host Rachel Coleman. She is the creator and host of the popular children’s TV show “Signing Time,” which airs on public access TV and Nick Jr.