Bingo FAQ: Can Bingo Games be Rigged?

Our members love Bingo. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be playing Bingo on a site called Because Bingo is our bread and butter we get a lot of FAQs from our members that need to be answered. The most popular of these FAQs is: “Can Bingo games be rigged?”

We will set about to answer your question by first explaining to you how Bingo online works.
Online Bingo isn’t played using a rotating cage filled with little white balls. Online Bingo is played using a RNG (random number generator). A random number generator does what it says it does, it generates numbers randomly. It is a computer program that is designed to take a set of numbers (in the case of Bingo, sets of numbers and letters), and pick from them at random. When a number-letter combination is “called” in an online Bingo game, it is totally by chance and not the result of a weighted ball or squirrelly “caller”.

Can Bingo hall Bingo be rigged? Sure. There are many different ways a Bingo game can be rigged in an actual real life Bingo game. Certain balls can have weights added, Bingo “callers” can ditch balls before they’re called and just pick another one (if no one is looking), Bingo “callers” can have favorites in the crowd and can call the numbers based on secret hand signals from the room, someone can call Bingo without actually having Bingo and when the card is “validated”, slip the “caller” a twenty. Yes, some of these scenarios are absurd, but there are people who’ve complained of these exact Bingo scams happening at games where they’ve paid to play.

While Bingo games CAN be rigged that chances that they are is really slim. There hasn’t been a well-planned out Bingo scam in…well…ever. People PAY to play so most of the time the Bingo hall is more interested in players buying more cards than helping certain players win at Bingo. Also, no matter who wins, the Bingo hall gets paid. Why would it matter to them who wins as long as they get the cash for the Bingo cards bought? Money is money.

Rigging Bingo games is relatively easy, but when it comes right down to it, Bingo isn’t about the money as much as it is about getting together with other Bingo lovers and just having a grand ole’ time playing a game of chance that involves brightly colored dabbers, a catchy children’s song, and a room full of people all tensely waiting to hear someone call, “BINGO!”