Bingo Detective: What’s Behind the Scenes of a Bingo Hall?


Behind the scenes of every bingo hall there are more gears and cogs and mechanisms than you’d think necessary for such a simple and fun game. This month, the Bingo Detective of is taking you to a place where few have gone but many wish they could…behind the curtain of a bingo hall. Grab your badge and trench coat as we’re off to an interesting and fun adventure.

First and foremost, be aware that on this article we will be focusing on professional Bingo Halls, those were you have old fashioned bingo games with a bingo caller and all, as well as bingo machines and even some slot games around. Random bingo halls like the ones are set up for events at schools and churches are not really part of our investigation.

The Call of the Bingo Caller

Every bingo parlor or hall has a bingo caller. The bingo caller is the person on the stage, mic in hand calling the numbers as they’re pulled from the rotating drum of bingo dreams. Believe it or not, the bingo caller isn’t just someone they hired to read the random numbers, these are professionals who know the ins and outs of “calling”. Bingo calling is more than speaking words into a mic, it is voice control, it’s getting people excited, it’s calming the crowd after the call of BINGO, and it’s creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Some of the best bingo callers are men and women who’ve been calling bingo for years. They know and love the game and they can make you love the game too, simply by calling bingo numbers.

Marketing to a New Generation

Bingo halls used to be the pasture of choice for the old horses of pre WWII fame, but today’s bingo halls cater to bingo players of all ages (18 and older mind you). While bingo halls have changed to accommodate a new generation of players, people still have this image of moth balls, stale air, and droning bingo calls. To change this detrimental image of bingo halls and get more young blood, bingo halls are hiring marketing specialists to bring in the crowds.

Doing Good

The bingo hall isn’t just about making a profit and handing out money to winners it’s also about giving back to the community. Many bingo parlors take a portion of their profits and give them away as donations to charitable organizations. Not only does that allow them to take a tax break it also allows them help others who are less fortunate. The next time you visit your local bingo hall ask them if they donate any of their proceeds to a local charity – it might make you feel better about losing.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this journey behind the curtain of the bingo hall was a short one, but you can always ask one of the bingo gurus at any questions you may have.