Bingo Detective: What are Bingo Machines and How do They Work?


The Bingo Detective is back on the case; to answer your most pressing FAQs about all things bingo. Today’s question is: “What are Bingo Machines and How do Bingo Machines Work?”

Bingo machines are the bread and butter of many small town casinos. Sure, you’ll see a few of them in the big Vegas casinos, but many times casinos will have banks and banks of slot machines and have little to no room for actual bingo machines.

There are three different types of bingo machines, and we will take the time to tell you how each one works.

Electronic Bingo Machines

These types of bingo machines are very much like slots machines – they are actually called bingo slot machines in many gaming circles. The only real difference between electronic slot machines and electronic bingo machines is that the bingo machines use bingo numbers and letters instead of symbols. Electronic bingo is actually illegal throughout much of the US, but gamers in the UK can enjoy them.

Integrated Bingo Machines

The integrated bingo machine is the all-in-one bingo experience in a machine. The machine is typically electronic but it takes on all the aspects of bingo play; everything from calling numbers to calculating jackpots. These machines are usually free standing with bases made of decorative woods or hard plastic, depending on how much the casino is willing to spend.

Online Bingo Machines

The players at 123 Bingo Online know all about the online bingo machines, but we’ll tell you more about it anyway. This bingo “machine” has everything an integrated machine has except that actual machine parts. The software used in online bingo includes random number generating software which is used to pick the winning numbers, calling software which calls the numbers (these can be very creative and entertaining), display software that displays the numbers called and the numbers on your card, and software that allows to save all of the game information to either the online casino’s servers or your computer hard drive.

Now that the Bingo Detective has fed your curiosity and answered the question, you can share your wealth of information with your bingo friends when they ask you, how do bingo machines work?
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