Bingo Detective: Understanding Bingo Slang


Welcome to another episode of The Bingo Detective! I’m back on the case today, pointing my magnifying glass straight onto bingo slang. You know the drill. You’re sitting in an online bingo room or hanging out in a bingo hall. Maybe it’s your first time. Maybe you’ve been there a few times. Either way, one thing is certain.

You have no clue what anyone is talking about.

Yes, you speak English. And so does everyone else. But the words they’re tossing around? They all sound so completely foreign. Kelly’s Eye? Stop Farting?

Most of the bingo slang has to do with numbers. When you play bingo in a hall, one of two things will happen.

  1. The bingo caller will pull a letter and number, call it out loud, and then the crowd will scream something back.
  2. The bingo caller will pull the balls, shout a certain rhyme, and then the crowd will yell back the number.

So, you might hear a Bingo caller scream, “Under the I, Doctor’s Orders!” The crowd would shout back “I 9”.

Confused? When I first played bingo, I was too. So I put together a handy chart that goes over many of the popular bingo slang terms. I should preface this by saying that even though I’m definitely the best Bingo Detective in the world (and possibly the only one), some slang terms just have no explanation, so use your imagination.