Bingo Detective: Inside The Many Different Types Of Bingo


As a bingo blogger and a bingo lover (I’m a poet too apparently), I am always searching for exciting new ways to add some pizzazz to my bingo play. After all, the player who masters all games can never be caught off guard… or something like that!

So, as my new Bingo resolution (Bingolution? Ok, I’ll stop!), I have decided to play a different type of bingo every week until I am able to understand the rules of every single Bingo game out there.

After doing a little research, these are the Bingo games I was most interested in trying, I thought I share some of the different Bingo varieties in case you want to give them a try!

90-Ball Bingo

In the United Kingdom, this is the form of bingo that rules the land. The bingo card is composed of three rows of 5 numbers each that have 15 numbers scattered among them. The bingo tickets are sold in strips of 6, therefore, the players end up with a totality of 90 unrepeated numbers each. As the bingo numbers are called, players tick off the numbers in the hopes of being the first to score a 5 number line in any of the tickets. After that prize is scored, there is the two line prize and the full house prize, which covers the 15 numbers on a ticket.

75-Ball Bingo

For all the non US players out there that are not familiar with it, this is the form of bingo that is more popular in America. The card of this form of bingo contains 25 boxes have 24 numbers and a free space in the center of it. The 5 columns are designated with the BINGO letters and contain an assortment of numbers that are designated by column in series of 15. Numbers 1-15 will appear in the B column, 16-30 in the I column, 31-45 in the N column, and so on and so forth. The objective is to have rows of five that can be covered horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There is also a version that is played exclusively with patters (corners, T, L, etc.)

Mini Bingo

This is a 30 ball version that is gaining great momentum online as it is a fast version that can be played fully in a matter of minutes, which means more winners per time spent playing. To simplify matters, the game is designed to be played on a 3×3 card that has nine squares.


Now don’t get any naughty ideas… This game is all about haste and skill! The games are called at the highest speed possible and the winner is the player that successfully fills an entire carton. A popular variant of this game is the aptly named “Speed Bingo” that can also incorporate patterns.

Coverall Bingo

In the UK, this game is known as full house. In the US, it is also referred to as “Blackout”. The rules of the game are fairly simply, you need to mark all the numbers in the card or ticket. Since this is a game that takes a while, substantial progressive jackpots are usually the chosen prize.

Texas Blackout

If the number that is called first is an odd number, all the odd numbers become wild and are immediately covered, same goes for the even numbers. The game continues in a normal fashion until someone manages to get a full house.

So, are you ready to tag along in my Bingo adventure? Hopefully, you can have a good time playing these different types on bingo and come back to 123Bingo and tell your buddies all about it!