Bingo Detective: The Evolution of Bingo


Do you think that bingo may be extinct by 2035? If we look at the ways that playing bingo has changed over the years, we might either think it can go extinct, become digital or take the shape of a new video game. Let’s take a look at the ways in which bingo has been transformed over the years and wonder about what may come next.

Let’s make it fun and try to come up with ideas of how we will play bingo ten or thirty years from now. If you think of funny or elaborate ideas of futuristic bingo playing, please share it in the comments area below this post. Let’s see who gets more creative.

As we know, the traditional way in which we started playing bingo was and still is through bingo halls which are usually located in a community hall or specific areas or centers of a city. There are also buildings that have been made into specialized bingo halls that look a lot like casinos in Las Vegas. Its creators paid close attention to creating the typical stylish interiors and the ostentatious lighting and furniture, the atmosphere of a Vegas venue is captured to add more zest and attraction to these bingo halls.

Other bingo halls or venues can be found in malls, like the ones in the Philippines. These halls are not as big as the ones in the United States, but the strategy that bingo operators do is to scatter more than one bingo hall in a particular mall or shopping center to cater the number of payers. The ambiance is a little different than the usual elegant halls in the West. There are soda fountains that sell daubers as well, television monitors and a stage where the announcer and the staff are located. Monitors are placed in strategic locations where players can see the drawn numbers in order to help them locate the numbers on their cards.

And then, let’s talk about the cyber world where bingo has hit popularity records. We can now play bingo online, win tons of money, but also make friends. I guess that the creators of online bingo were full aware that playing bingo at bingo halls has a lot to do with socializing and wanted to provide that to its customers. We can’t deny that it was a smart move. There are tons of online casinos that offer bingo or sites where bingo is their only game and if you visit the chat rooms, you will notice that people truly socialize in them.

Now, we also have to mention that bingo has also become a hip game in some bars that offer sexy prizes to the winners. Bingo has become a channel of fun for bachelorette parties, fundraisers and elegant galas and if these examples were not enough, it is also used in children’s parties.

Where else could bingo go? Can you give us a clue?