Bingo Detective: 3 Foolproof Strategies for Winning at Bingo


In another exciting instalment of our Bingo Detective article series, we will discuss 3 foolproof Bingo strategies found to be quite to the point and easy to understand that players can use to increase their chances of winning at Bingo!

Although we know that Bingo is mainly considered a game of chance, there are specific ways to make the game work on your advantage and win big, regardless of the “chance factor”. The Bingo Detective went deep into the theory and came up with not one, but 3 amazing foolproof strategies to win at our favourite game: Bingo!

So let’s sit tight and pay good attention, as these cool bingo strategies could really make a difference in the outcome you get on your next bingo game. Without further ado, here are the Bingo Detective Strategies to Win:

Play BIG!

If you want to win at Bingo you need to forego the small time and think BIG! If you’ve read our article on the probability of winning at Bingo you’ll know that the fewer people playing, the better, but what you didn’t know is that when you really want to increase your chance to win at Bingo, you’ll buy more Bingo cards. If the number called isn’t on one card, chances are that it is on another of your cards, and if you have 10 or more cards, you can literally clean out the joint!

The Number 38

This detective did some digging into the strategies of winning at Bingo and we came across a very complex, but somehow simple strategy based on something called the Tippett Theory. This theory, thought up by British statistician, L.H. Tippet, suggests that the most Bingo numbers called in a game, the higher the chances that the numbers called will be closest to, if not, the number 38. So, if you want to win at Bingo, choose Bingo cards with numbers closest to that number. Confused and nursing a growing dislike for math? Well, the easiest thing to do is play and cross your fingers – but we don’t guarantee that will work.

Rule the Room at 10 AM

If you play online Bingo and want to increase your chances of winning, your best bet is to play during one of the slowest times in the day – mid morning. During the mid-morning hours, more people are at work, running errands, sleeping in, or are generally not near their computers. So, if you want to win at Bingo, you should go online and play when the action is slow and steady. Sure, there are other times of day that could work, but we’ll leave that up to you to investigate. If you have an ideal time that you’ve used in order to win at Bingo with better odds, feel free to let us know – unless you want to keep that gem all to yourself. We totally understand.

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