Bingo and Your Children


We have been asked about the benefits or disadvantages of children playing bingo. Some mothers were concerned that it could become an addiction or enhance a future gambling problem.

We did some research and found amazing data that actually encourage parents and even teachers, to play bingo with their kids. We have also found out that the reason why some parents are concerned about their children playing bingo is the fact that it has fairly recently become a game that casinos offer. Just bear in mind that children have been playing bingo for ages and that parents can truly take advantage of its many uses. Check them out!

  1. Bingo makes learning easy for parents and kids by helping parents develop their children’s educational process. For example, in the subject of literature, boards with different writers’ names can be created. Additionally, parents can create a deck with different cards referring to the books each writer wrote. But to continue with the subject of literature, you can randomly take a card from the deck and disclose it to the children; then your children would have to think about the corresponding author on their bingo board.

An example could be J. K Rowling on the children’s bingo board that corresponds to Harry Potter. And that’s just one example you could use to create the same kind of cards but with different subjects.

  • Math, for example, is always a challenging subject for children. Nevertheless, by combining bingo with math, it can become from something boring and difficult into something funny and enjoyable.
  • There are multiple benefits to using bingo as a teaching tool. First of all, educational bingo games can be used to prepare your children for exams. Imagine if test’s season became a fun week, rather than the most stressful week for your kids?
  • Bingo also challenges kids intellectually, which increases their capability to learn. Furthermore, it improves children’s ability to think critically, which is very important for optimal cognitive development.
  • The most important thing is that the tedious routine of learning can be completely transformed to something great and exciting, for students of all ages. Therefore, bingo can be made more exiting by adding some prizes.
  • Depending on the age of the players, you can motivate children by offering them different rewards. For example, take your children to their favorite place. However, bingo as an experience to have fun with you can be a child’s biggest motivating fuel to play and learn. The essential thing is to transform the learning experience into something pleasurable.
  • We have found an amazing website called abc teach where you can find ideas of games to create for your kids. Bingo is one of them. Don’t be discouraged that it is a website created for teachers. It is actually a very creative and fun resource for you to keep handy.