Best Bingo Snacks


Yes people, we’re going to get serious today and talk about food!

Oh yes, food is a serious business!!! I mean, who doesn’t eat when they play their favorite games? Since bingo is my absolute favorite, then of course I’m talking about the best snacks that I think are out there to accompany our Bingo nights. Whether you play online or at bingo halls, these four great treats might be a great mate to your games.


These guys have to be a favorite for anyone who chows while playing bingo. The reason why I love them is that they are fat free. And I don’t mean it from a dietetic purpose. You can eat as many pretzels as you want and you will never get your hands dirty. No mess in your keyboard or your bingo carton. Eat, eat and eat without really thinking about it. The truth of the matter is that when you play and chow, that fast manner to just compulsively eat is the way to go. That’s how I like it and most people I know do as well. Pretzels are yummy and neat!


It’s gotta be a favorite for everyone. When I think about it, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like popcorn. When playing bingo, popcorn might be a life saver for those moments when you can’t leave the chat rooms and the game and you need to get fed. Popcorn is actually good for you. Especially if it’s homemade or pretty much fat free. It’s a great source of fiber and it will fill you up in no time. (avoid the greasy, messy kind).

Baked Salt-free Peanuts

Baked salt-free peanuts are DELICIOUS! You might miss the salt in the first few bites, but after a while you really start tasting the delicious natural taste of peanuts. Why salt-free? Two reasons: The first one is that the salt in peanuts will stick to your hands and get your keyboard or bingo carton dirty. It’s just not comfy! And the second reason is that the less salt, the better for your body and health. (plus, peanuts give you lots of energy to keep going).

Kale Chips

For those of you who want to try a delicious and super food snack without feeling sorry, you gotta try kale chips. In many places they are dehydrated rather than baked and the kale leaves keep their nutritious value as if they were raw. They come in different delicious flavors like sour cream & chives, chili sauce OR, get this, covered in chocolate! (The chocolate version is my favorite) And don’t forget, kale leaves are the queens of green leaves. Popeye would have been ten times stronger had he known kale!

As you can see, in my book deliciousness goes together with being neat and getting more energy. Let me know if they work for you!