Are slots-like games arriving at Texas bingo halls?


There’s a big proposal being made in Texas that could alter the landscape of bingo halls for the better. But many are opposed to the idea – and I’m not really 100% sure why they would be.

The proposal calls for a system that advances pull-tab games. Essentially, when a pull-tab is a winner, there would be a video confirmation indicating so. Experts believe that the animation and sounds would be reminiscent of slot machines and would attract younger people to bingo halls.But opponents argue that bringing this type of technology to the bingo is an expansion of gambling in bingo halls, which goes against the state’s goals.

I beg to differ. First, let me be clear. As a big time bingo player and casino fan, I’m in favor of expanding bingo halls to include casino games. Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to argue that this type of technology is definitely not an expansion of gambling.

The technology they’re talking about isn’t exactly slot machine technology. In fact, it’s not anything remotely close to slot machines. The same pull-tab game doesn’t change. There is no electronic role in determining the outcome of those pull-tab tickets. The video confirmation is simply just a fun way of revealing to the player if their pull-tab is a winner.

This is not just my opinion. This is fact as confirmed by the Texas Lottery Commission. In a recent statement, they noted that the proposed amendment to allow bingo halls to employ video confirmation is voluntary. That doesn’t just mean that the bingo hall can choose to add the video confirmation technology or use the old system. It also means that users can choose to reveal their prize by pulling the tabs instead of using the video technology to discover if they’ve won.

In fact, the amendments would actually prohibit the use of rolling or spinning wheels, or any other casino-style graphics and animations as the video confirmation system works its magic.

I get why the state tends to be fairly anti-gambling. There’s only one casino in Texas. But the reality is there are tons of online bingo sites that are open to players in the Lone Star State. Sites like And guess what? These sites offer casino games. It’s time that Texas stops being so afraid.