Are slot machines a distraction at online bingo sites?

You wouldn’t walk into a community bingo hall and discover a row of slot machines tempting you with bells, whistles, and jackpots. So why do so many online bingo sites offer online slot games?

Diehard online bingo players will tell you that there’s no place for online slot games in the virtual bingo hall. We get the feeling that those diehard players have never played an online slot game before in their life. If they had, they’d realize that online bingo slots are anything but a distraction. In fact, they’re a complementary form of online entertainment that makes online bingo even more fun. Here’s why:

They’re great for boosting your bankroll

Let’s say you’ve played a few hours of online bingo. You’ve won a few cards, but during your last few games, you couldn’t catch a break. Rather than making another deposit and hitting some more online bingo games, why not mix things up? With just a few clicks, you can hit the online slots and try your luck on the reels. With progressive jackpots common in a lot of online slots game, you could hit it big and win more than enough cash to comfortably make online bingo your career.

You can win at online slots without paying attention
Don’t forget, online bingo is entirely virtual. That means you don’t have to leave your online bingo game to play online slot games. Yup, that’s right. You can literally be in two places at once. Heading to the slot machines doesn’t have to mean walking away from your bingo game. In fact, you can take advantage of the slot machine’s Autospin function to let the site do the spinning for you. Continue playing bingo while the slot machine spins on autopilot. Or go make a sandwich. Your call.

They offer a great break from staring at numbers all day
Don’t get us wrong. We love online bingo. It’s thrilling. It’s fast. And it’s amazing, especially when you win. But sometimes you need a break from staring at all those numbers all day. That’s where online slot machines come in. No two slot machines are a like. You’ll find a huge variety of themes, and each game you play is a new adventure.

Not convinced that slot machines at bingo sites are anything but distracting?  Then just ignore them. Nobody’s forcing you to play. But if you open up your mind and try one, you might just find that you actually enjoy online slot games—even if all those online bingo balls blind you.

  • Tony–uk

    I wish I could find a bingo site that has NO slots, the reason I wouldn’t join here or other sites is because you also have slots.

  • samtycun

    I honestly play on both…you know to mix things up a little. I would understand why people might not find slots as the main attraction at an online bingo website, but it is always nice to have choices.

  • samtycun

    Pardon my ignorance, but why are slots such a bad thing in your opinion? Just out of curiosity, could you explain a little further?