Are Bingo Halls a Target for Crime?


Lately, there has been some sad news for different bingo halls. Once a place of tranquility, recently bingo halls have been directly or indirectly affected by crime. We have previously reported several instances of Bingo criminality and sadly, such news keeps appearing on our web feed.

One thing is evident: Bingo security needs to increase if they want people to continue to go to play live bingo. Otherwise, I will just have to stay home and do all my bingo play at 123bingo. Not that I am complaining, I love to play online but I also like to go local and support my community. Here are the latest on a string of Bingo crime news:

Trafficking Rifles

A woman in Alamo named Yadira Garcia is facing 30+ years at a federal prison after she provided false information on firearms records and consequently acquired 5 assault rifles. Apparently, Garcia bought the five rifles in August of 2013 over a time span of 6 days and paid more than $5,000. When questioned about the money, Garcia stated that they were all for her and that she used her bingo winnings to pay for the rifles. The police are not buying it. Investigators are looking into this as a case of firearm smuggling as one of the recently bought rifles later turned up in Reynosa Mexico.

Breaking Bingo?

Now, I really have seen everything! From all of the things you expect to see at a bingo hall, drug trafficking (besides coffee) is certainly not one of them! Just last July, 50 year old Helen Heaphy was arrested in Cork, Ireland for selling cocaine to different bingo attendants. The woman was a regular of the bingo hall and was currently unemployed. She was offered bail on the condition that she never visits the bingo hall again. It just goes to show you that you can never judge a book for its cover! Thankfully, this lady is the exception and not the rule in the bingo scene! Follow-up question: Who buys cocaine in a bingo hall? Welcome to Bizarreland!

Bingo Hero Dies Saving Others

This is truly heart-breaking and it is the definite evidence of the importance of reinforcing security in bingo halls. Security officer Adrian Days (27) was shot in the back after trying to get people away from the gunfire caused by brawl at a bingo hall in Miami at 2 in the morning. Apparently he was escorting people pout when a bullet caused by the gunfire struck him and render him unconscious. People that knew him described him as a very affable person that was always looking out for others. He died seven days later at the Miami Valley hospital without regaining consciousness. He is survived by a loving family and a 4 year old daughter. If this bingo hall had a stricter process of entry or more officials were backing him up, perhaps this tragedy could have been avoided.

Obviously, this is one of the reasons why people are turning to online bingo sites like ours, because they can play great games safely and comfortably. However, I, for one, really hope that this is the last we hear about bingo related delinquency since I also love to visit bingo halls and I think they are an important pillar to benefit the community.