Advantages Of Funding Your 123bingo Account


Here at 123Bingo, we love to see you play in the free bingo halls. Playing for free is a great hobby to get distracted, meet new people, and win some bingo rounds for the sheer joy of it. In fact, our free halls are so fun that it makes you wonder what the actual benefits of adding real money to your account are. Well, believe or not, the advantages of funding your account are quite numerous. For starters, playing for money has all of the advantages of free play already there: the people, the amusement, the thrills of the numbers being called, plus the opportunity to bank on them.

Let’s start with the basics. Since its inception, Bingo was a game that was created with the purpose of winning a prize. In traditional bingo, the games are played at very modest stakes, with few opportunities to actually hit big prizes. However, this is not the case here at 123Bingo. Being one of the most popular, respected and trusted online bingo sites, we are able to offer big prizes at a low entry rate. Take for example our Million Dollar hall, where the buy in price is only three dollars but you could walk away with as much as a cool mill’ if you hit our progressive jackpot!

By the same token (or should I say dauber?), the jackpots in our quarter and nickel bingo halls are also quite attractive from 500 to 2000 dollars. Plain and simple, funding your account proves to be a good investment when a modest quarter has in it the possibility of a 2000x payout!

Also, funding your account brings all the benefits that being a deposit customer entails. First, the minimum deposit rate is actually pretty low, only $25. Think about the amount of money you would spend actually going to a traditional bingo site, plus, they would not be able to offer anything more than a seat and the bingo cards. In contrast, 123bingo gives its new clients an appealing sign up bonus. For example, as a new customer, the moment you sign up you get a free $25 and a 600% bonus for your first deposit. That amount of quarters can last you a long time!

As a deposit customer, you can also take part in our many seasonal promotions and even join up with your other bingo friends and play in the team bingo specials. 123Bingo also offers special VIP programs that give you even bigger extras: they have an insurance that gives you cash back every month and reward points that translate into cashable appreciation chips and extra bonus on your deposits.

So, as I have said before, even if our free halls are an excellent way to have fun and meet other bingo enthusiasts, you will only be experiencing a little of the myriad of benefits that 123Bingo has for you when you fund your account. Give us the opportunity to spoil you and give you all the bingo perks you have been missing out on!