A guide to online bingo acronyms

The other day, we explored some online bingo slang that you probably should know before stepping into an online bingo chat room.

We talked about phrases like, “I was so cased” or “Sorry about the falsie!”

If you’ve hopped into an online bingo chat room since reading our online bingo glossary, we hope that article helped. If it only managed to confuse you more, then today’s topic should provide you with a bit more insight.

While the information offered the other day is invaluable, we failed to mention one key thing.

Online bingo players speak in acronyms.

Yup, hanging out in an online bingo chat room is a lot like reading the texts on a teenager’s Blackberry or iPhone. It’s barely English, yet everyone seems to understand what people are saying.

It’s not uncommon to see someone type five or six consonants in a row without ever hitting an A, E, I, O, or U (and sometimes Y).

So today, we’re going to hit you with some online bingo acronyms to make your next online bingo chat a little easier to understand.

GM – This has nothing to do with cars, so if someone hits you with GM, don’t tell them you prefer import cars to those made in Detroit. Instead, hit them with a ‘Good Morning’ right back.

GL – It’s not uncommon to hear chat moderators—or even other online bingo players—utter those two letters in an online bingo chat room. If you hear bingo chat roomies saying GL, they’re wishing you ‘Good Luck’.

GLA – This one is a lot like Good Luck, except the person writing it is addressing it to ‘All’.

RTF – If someone asks something like, “Hey, how do I make a deposit?” you’ll probably see an online bingo chat moderator type RTF. It means ‘Read the FAQ’, and it’s a lot easier to type than the answer—especially when the instructions to depositing might involve a few steps.

IC – This one’s easy to master. I see. Clever, right?

Anyway, that’s enough for today. We don’t want to overwhelm you, so we’ll explore some more acronyms in an upcoming post. IGGPSOBCS (I gotta go play some online bingo, chat soon).