You should be playing these Bingo variations

innervariations08062016Online Bingo has come a long way since your Grandma use to play it. Gone are the days where you had to wait until Sunday to play Bingo in a community center gymnasium. Today, you can play your favorite Bingo games online.

And with the evolution of online Bingo, the land-based world has benefited too. Thanks to our appetite for innovative Bingo games, online has helped usher in all sorts of Bingo variations—and brought some old favorites back under the spotlight.

If you think playing Bingo is all about filling up a horizontal or diagonal line, think again. There are loads of Bingo variations waiting to tempt you, so check them out.

Blackout Bingo

Filling an entire line on a Bingo card is for amateurs. If you want to experience real fun, try filling an entire card. In Blackout Bingo (also called Coverall Bingo), your goal is to be the first player to fill an entire Bingo card. That mean every space on your card needs to be daubed before you can even attempt to shout Bingo and race to the front to claim your prize.

Quick Shot

If you hate waiting around to see whether your numbers pop up or not, you’ll love Quick Shot Bingo. In this game, numbers are pre-drawn before any Bingo cards are selected. Then, once players have registered, they’ll receive sealed Bingo cards. The cards are then matched against the numbers that have already been drawn. In this Bingo variation, players might be competing to compete a specific pattern, making the game even more interesting. And in other versions of the game, players keep competing until they’ve reached a top level prize. Despite the fact that the game is called Quick Shot, this game could be played over the course of several days, weeks, or even months.

U Pick ‘Em

In this popular online Bingo variation, you start off by marking the numbers you want to see come up in a win. It’s a lot like Keno, so if you’re familiar with the popular lottery-like game, you’ll definitely love this one.

Bonanza Bingo

Bonanza Bingo is one incredibly popular game that most Bingo players flock to after trying it once or twice. It starts off with anywhere from 43 to 48 numbers being drawn. The drawn numbers can be odd, even, or the first 43 numbers that get called out of the Bingo machine. Players then purchase Bingo cards and mark out all the even, odd, or pre-drawn number. The caller will then ask if anyone has a Bingo, and if not, he’ll draw one ball at a time until someone finally hits it.


It might seem a bit odd for us to include Roulette under a post about Bingo variations, but at some casinos around the US, you’ll find Roulette tables disguised as Bingo games. That’s because individual states in the US must adhere to their own gambling laws. And some states authorize Bingo games but not casino games. Some tribal casinos can get around this by disguising Roulette games as Bingo games. So don’t be surprised if you step onto a casino floor and see a Roulette wheel with a Bingo sign attached to it.

Pattern Bingo

If you think completing a Bingo line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally is a blast, wait until you try pattern Bingo. In this Bingo variation, the Bingo room manager will announce a specific pattern to complete. If you complete that pattern first, you’ll win The pattern could be anything from a snake to a full Bingo card to anything in between.

Online Bingo

If you’re used to playing Bingo in church basements, tribal casinos, and community Bingo halls, you might want to check out online Bingo. You can play many of the Bingo variations listed above, plus lots of other variations. The best thing about online Bingo is that games run 24/7, so no matter where you live and what time of day it is, a game is only a click or two away.

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