Woman Banned From Bingo Hall. Charges: Reckless Driving


Imagine being told you can’t play your favorite game, not because of what you do while the game is underway, but rather because of how you behave outside of the establishment where the game takes place.

That’s exactly what’s happening to a 70-year-old woman in New Mexico. Evangeline Shelland has been playing bingo at the Fraternal Order of Eagles club in Alamogordo since 1985. That was the year the hit motion picture Back to the Future came out, for the record. We’re talking almost 30 years ago.

But now, after receiving complaints from fellow bingo players that she drives too recklessly in the parking lot of the bingo hall, Evangeline has been told that she is no longer welcome to play bingo at the hall.

Let’s be clear here. We’re talking about an elderly woman driving in a parking lot. What’s the definition of reckless here? Going 21 in a 20mph speed zone? We don’t mean to make light of the situation, but come on. She didn’t drive through the window of a bingo hall. Nor did she cause trouble inside the bingo hall. And the entire thing is hearsay.

This story is strange but true, and it’s been going on for almost two years. The original ban took effect in January of 2013. Evangeline has been fighting it since then, going as far as complaining to the state’s Attorney General’s Office, who responded that they don’t have jurisdiction over the issue and therefor can’t help.

The club is private, so we get that they have every right to enforce the rules. But we think there’s got to be a better solution to this.

Why not let Evangeline play bingo if she agrees to not drive to the bingo hall. Perhaps ban her car from the property while still allowing her to play. Given the reckless driving accusation against her, we think those are smart solutions.

It should be noted that Evangeline has never been charged with reckless driving by any police officer or someone with authority. The bingo hall simply made the decision after receiving a number of letters from concerned patrons.

Since this has been going on for nearly two years, we doubt that Evangeline will ever see the inside of the bingo hall. But that doesn’t mean she can’t play bingo. Why not take the game online at 123BingoOnline.com? Evangeline, if you’re reading this, we’ve got games running 24/7. And we promise never to ban you from our site, no matter how reckless your driving might be.