Why you should play bingo with non-depositing players

Love to play online bingo for real money? Then you probably turn a blind eye to all those free bingo rooms and head straight for the real-money bingo games. We don’t blame you. Watching the balls get called is way more fun when you know there’s real money to be made.

But if you never step into the free bingo rooms, you’re actually missing out on more than you think. Here’s why:

It’s a great way to build the real-money community

Part of the excitement of online bingo is being able to chat with players and make new friends. If you’re someone who loves to play bingo for real cash, newbie bingo players are going to love you.

That’s because they want to know which bingo rooms are the most fun, which bingo players are the most intense, and what kind of community the bingo site you’re playing at is.

Newbie bingo players aren’t much for diving into real-money games. But if they can feel more comfortable by talking to people like you who have real experiences to share, they’re more likely to join you in the real-money rooms and play bingo with you.

It’s great practice for when it counts

Most online bingo software takes care of sorting your cards for you as you play bingo. The bingo software also daubs your numbers when they come up, so you don’t have to look through all your cards for a matching number. But once you’ve hit Bingo!, it’s your responsibility to press the button that announces you’ve filled your card. If someone else beats you to it, they’ll finish first.

Newbie bingo players tend to either not know that they actually need to press the button to win, or they’re just plain slow. That means you’ll have a shot at winning more often against newbie bingo players should you both fill your cards at the same time. And if you can convince them to come over and play for real money, you’ll have a better chance of winning against the less experienced players.

It’s a great way to take a break without actually taking a break

Some people just need a break from the real money bingo rooms. Maybe because they’ve spent their bingo budget for the month. Maybe their winning streak has ended. Whatever the reason, playing with newbie bingo players in a free bingo room is a great way to enjoy the game without spending money.

Do you play bingo with non-depositing players even though you love to play for real money? Drop us a line and tell us why.