Why You Might Want to Join the VIP Program?


Casinos always have VIP programs, and they always seem so far out of reach. Some people believe that VIP programs are only for the high rollers, only for the very serious player. Well, here at 123Bingo we believe in not only making the VIP program the best it can be, but also making it not so unreachable.

We want, on top of that, for each VIP member to feel that they are truly being treated like the cream of the crop. The benefits of being a part of the VIP program at 123Bingo have been beefed up to make being part of the VIP program a beyond-worthwhile experience.

How do you qualify?

Qualifying to be one of the elite 123Bingo members is quick and easy. Just make the minimum required deposit in a month and qualify for the exclusive benefits. Contact a VIP Manager to find out more about our exclusive VIP Program and the benefits that you can claim. To qualify for Level 1 VIP, the minimum required monthly deposit is only $300. Visit the VIP Program page to inform yourselves on the details of the program. We know you won’t be disappointed.

What are the benefits of the VIP Program?

The VIP Program at 123Bingo carries some really great benefits that everyone that is a member here should be aware of. The advantages of being a VIP Level 1 are the following:

  • Three Exclusive Deposit Bonuses.
  • Monthly Cash-Back Insurance (Please see the table below for details).
  • 10% Weekly Cash-Back Insurance (Minimum $15) when you deposit $75 or more that week.

  • Once a month Fully Cashable Appreciation Chip (Terms: 3X Bingo/30X Slots & Keno Playthrough with 2X Max Cash-Out).
  • Higher Deposit Bonuses when you redeem Reward Points (See the table below for details).
  • VIP Loyalty Luck – Earn a VIP-exclusive free chip just by keeping your account active (See the table below for details).
  • Dedicated VIP Host for Assistance.

On top of all that, each level gets its own exclusive deposit bonuses, as mentioned above for VIP Level 1. When you reach VIP Level 3, the monthly cash-back insurance jumps from 10% to 20% and you are entitled to four instead of only three exclusive deposit bonuses. The smallest exclusive deposit bonus in the VIP Program is a 300% bonus with No playthrough requirement or maximum withdrawal limit, just to give you an idea of how good the bonuses are.

What is VIP Loyalty Luck?

As a reward for keeping your VIP account active each month, 123BingoOnline will credit you with a fully cashable free chip every other month. To keep your account active, all you have to do is deposit the minimum amount necessary for your VIP level. Maintain your status active for 2 consecutive months and you receive a $50 monthly Loyalty Luck Free Chip; maintain your status active for 4 consecutive months and you receive a $100 Loyalty Luck Free Chip; maintain your status active for 6 or more consecutive months & every 2 consecutive months after that and receive a $200 Loyalty Luck Free Chip. See the VIP Program page for the details and terms and conditions of the Free Chips.

As you can all see, the VIP Program at 123Bingo goes out of its way to be accessible and worthwhile. Of course, there is no obligation to become one, but if you want to reap the big rewards from 123Bingo, then maybe becoming a member of the VIP Program is the way to go.