Who plays bingo more: Men or women?

innermenwomenIt’s a question that’s stirred debate ever since the online Bingo craze began. Do women play Bingo more than men? Or do men like to daub numbers way more than their female counterpart?

At first glance, the answer might seem obvious. Bingo has traditionally been a game for senior citizens (mostly female) to play in their retirement years. While it’s true that many men did play alongside their wives, women typically live longer than men, meaning women are the ones with the reputation to enjoy the game more often.

But with online Bingo, the game is skewing younger. Suddenly, a game that has been traditionally played by seniors is now enjoyed by much younger generations. But are the Bingo players primarily women? Or do men enjoy the game just the same?

We’ve reviewed our numbers and are clientele are pretty evenly split, with 57% of our player base being female and 43% being male. At various Bingo summits and conferences, we’ve discussed this with our competitors and colleagues. Their numbers reveal pretty much the same, give or take a percentage or two.

But while the numbers are fairly evenly split in terms of who’s playing, the numbers in terms of who’s winning is a completely different story. While we don’t have any statistics to share on who wins more often at 123BingoOnline.com, we do have some anecdotal evidence from the live Bingo world that highlights who is winning on the live Bingo circuit.

  • On June 25th, two women won big playing live Bingo in the UK. At Bingo Royale Jeffreys Bay, Sanette Jonker of Port Elizabeth won a Mercedes-Benz C-Class car in a special Bingo draw. And in Cleary Park, Joy Peterson won an identical car in a similar draw.
  • Earlier this month, someone in Minneapolis won $71,000 playing Bingo at a local bar. A tweet, which read, “Audrey in Eveleth is $71,054 richer!! Congrats to the largest Jackpot winner in MN charity bingo history!!” reveals that the player in question was female.
  • On a Friday earlier this month, Cindy Moore won a $1,500 jackpot playing Bingo in Gonsalez, Louisiana. The Bingo night was held at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post and attracts people of all stripes in support of veterans.
  • On June 2nd, a Cumbrian grandmother hit it big playing Bingo at the Opera Bingo in Carlisle, over in the United Kingdom. How big? We’re talking £240,000 big. Her initial £10,000 win was followed up by a £229,905 win after she landed a Lucky Star Jackpot.

These are just a sample of the recent wins in the world of live Bingo. Yes, we did come across a few men in our review of recent June wins, but the female winners far outnumbered them.

No matter if you’re male or female, you’ve got lots of chances to win big at 123BingoOnline.com. So create a free account now and play. We’ve got bingo tournaments and single games running 24/7, so join the action.