What is Burlesque Bingo?


This ain’t your grandmother’s game at the community center. Burlesque Bingo is a spicy twist on a gambling classic that features a host of talented bingo beauties providing all of the distractions you can handle.

You’ll start your night by paying an entry fee and receiving a collection of traditional bingo cards. From there, things begin to take a different course from the bingo you’ve experienced in the past. Find a good seat, because you won’t want to miss the tantalizing action that awaits. The night’s host will proceed to lead the crowd through a collection of bingo games that offer a host of unique prizes, but the biggest prize on offer is the amazing experience.

Unlike bingo games you’ve played in the past, the environment throughout an evening of Burlesque Bingo is likely to be loud and exciting. Intermissions between games are loaded with sexy stripteases and dance routines to keep you engaged as the stakes go up. Order yourself a strong drink, and enjoy the show. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your cards!

If one of your cards turns out to be a winner, you could be in for another surprise! With a unique selection of goodies and no shortage of friendly adult competitiveness, shouting, “Bingo!” comes with another level of excitement that you won’t find anywhere else.

Burlesque Bingo is the creative vision of lead bingo girl Audrey DeLuxe. Since premiering at the world famous Viper Room in Los Angeles, California, Audrey and the girls have been playing games with intrepid gamblers on a regular basis. These bombshells are on a mission to take over the world, one bingo card at a time. Shows are regularly scheduled for venues throughout Los Angeles, Long Beach and Las Vegas, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Burlesque troupes around the country are indulging in the fun as well, with good times and plenty of adult beverages to keep your thirst quenched.

If beautiful, scantily clad women are the missing ingredients to your bingo fix, Burlesque Bingo is the perfect gameshow for you. Featuring all of the competitiveness of the traditional game of chance, the excitement of a burlesque show and the experience of an adult party, this amazing gaming format is taking the country by storm. With a remarkable variety of unique twists available to make each and every experience feel brand new, Burlesque Bingo is an unbeatable combination of your favorite casino classics that’s perfect for a night out with your significant other or a group of close friends.

If you’ve always enjoyed playing bingo but felt it needed an added dash of sex appeal, Burlesque Bingo is the gameshow about which you’ve been dreaming. Find an event in your area, and prepare to have the time of your life while struggling to focus on your bingo cards. For a saucy combination of gambling, excitement and plenty of cheap drinks, Burlesque Bingo is an unbeatable option for a night on the town designed to test your luck.