What are 123BingoOnline Reward Points?


Unlike other online gaming destinations, 123BingoOnline believes in giving its players the rewards they deserve! Complete with a multi-level program, every player, regardless of how often they make a deposit, has a chance to exchange reward points for something they’ll love. So, would you prefer amazing bonuses on future deposits, unbelievable gifts or a personalized mix of the two? Anyway you choose to use your reward points, you’re going to like the outcome!

To start accumulating points, all you need to do is make a deposit into your 123BingoOnline account. If you make a $25 deposit, you can expect one reward point, but remember to check the scale. By doubling your deposit to $50, you can pick up five times the points and immediately be eligible for your first redemption! The reward point totals keep getting better as the deposit totals increase. Earn 15 points on a $100 deposit, 35 points on a $200 deposit, 55 points on a $300 deposit, 75 points on a $400 deposit or an incredible 100 reward points with a $500 deposit. It definitely pays to make larger, lump deposits instead of multiple smaller ones, so keep that in mind next time you’re deciding on how much you’d like to add to your account.

As you continuing making deposits, your reward points will continue to stack up. When you’re ready to redeem them, there are some awesome prizes to choose from. Let’s start with deposit bonuses. For just five reward points, you can cash in on a 10% bonus to future deposits, but that’s just the start! Remember those 100 points you could get from depositing $500? In exchange for those points, you can claim an enormous 150% bonus on future deposits. In other words, if you decide to deposit $100 in the future, you can expect an additional $150 of credit in your 123BingoOnline account!

If deposit bonuses aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of prizes to look forward to with 123BingoOnline’s awesome rewards program. For 250 points, prizes include beauty products, an mp3 player or gift cards to some of your favorite stores and restaurants. Up the ante to 1000 points, and you could be bringing home luxurious jewelry or an awesome home theater system. Redeeming 1500 points could get you a portable GPS or more fancy jewelry. For the high rollers, redeeming 2000 points makes you eligible for amazing prizes including LCD TVs, a netbook or high value gift cards for some awesome retailers. With so many amazing choices, the only problem is deciding upon which one to choose.

Reward points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing benefits that 123BingoOnline offers to all of its loyal players. Keep an eye out for limited time promotions that can make your money go even farther while you take in all of the bingo fun. If the internet is a giant bingo card, there’s no doubt that 123BingoOnline is the free space in the middle, because with 123BingoOnline, everyone is a winner!