Weird Versions of Bingo Games

innerweord13082015I think just about anyone who breathes and has a pulse has heard of the game Bingo. Whether you play in the casino or don’t gamble at all, chances are you have heard of the game. You might even recognize playing the game as a kid. Despite it being such an old game that is ingrained in our culture that doesn’t mean that you won´t encounter some variations that may differ based on region, tradition, or numerous different things. With variation often comes strange versions and these are the sort of variations I will go over because if you are a fan of the game like I am some of these versions are sure to amuse you.

Bingo U pick `em: this variation of the game is almost exactly how it sounds. This game is played much like another popular game that millions of people play every day: the lottery. Some say it is like Keno, both comparisons have merit. In this version of the game one selects the numbers that they would like to win before the game starts. I think this variation adds some excitement to the game because it puts the luck in your hands to some degree. Picking your own numbers also adds to the suspense of waiting for that right number to be called… Your number.

Death Bingo: imagine Bingo flipped onto its head and you get this variation. In this version of the game your death or losing occurs at the moment we usually win… That illusive moment where you get to shout “Bingo” and you are the winner… Well now you are the loser. The game keeps going until the last person stands, the person who is last to say Bingo is the winner. I know I wish I was playing this version of the game when I don’t have any luck.

People Bingo: Ever been to a new game or room and not had any friends to chat or play the game with? I know I have been there before and this is a version of the game that breaks the ice and has a lot of fun with getting to know the new people surrounding you. The object of the game is to fill out your bingo card and find people with specific traits that you have already written down. This version of the game gets people talking and can teach out a bit about your fellow players.

Pattern Bingo: Finally we have what is referred to as pattern bingo, which is an even more exciting twist on the game of bingo. In pattern bingo, the caller announces a unique pattern that the players must replicate the pattern in order to win. Most of the patterns that are called are new to the players. Some of the common patterns that are used are called explosion, “A” and hangman.

As you can see there are a few different types of variations out there and these of course aren’t all of them. If you ever get bored with the game and have never tried switching it up maybe you can try one of these to mix things up and bring some new excitement to your favorite game.