Under the G…Granny: The story of the world’s most famous Bingo Granny


If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma on business or pleasure, we recommend not bothering to rent a car, especially if you’re a Bingo fan. Instead, just connect with Maxine Stinson, the world-famous Bingo Granny.

Maxine Stinson earned the nickname Bingo Granny when she appeared on David Letterman. Yup, as in the host of The Late Show with David Letterman. That guy. Needless to say, Stinson is a big deal. And rightly so. The 87-year-old is probably one of the most passionate Bingo players, not just in Oklahoma, but on the planet.

Like a lot of 87-year-olds, Bingo Granny loves to play Bingo. But unlike most bingo playing folk, her top goal is to get seniors out to the Bingo hall. Through her bus tours to Bingo halls, she promotes the game and gets people excited about one of America’s most cherished pastimes.

Bingo Granny doesn’t just take seniors to Bingo halls. She’s been known to run Bingo games on board her bus. The seniors on the bus love it, but the authorities? Not so much. Back in 1996, Stinson was charged with illegal gambling in Missouri after she handed out 20-cent-a-game Bingo cards on the bus and let her passengers keep any winnings.

Unfortunately, it’s against the law in Missouri to run Bingo games unless it’s for charity.

But Stinson was so famous and loved that the judge dismissed her case. She received absolutely no fine or charges. And she maintains that she was innocent, arguing that her Bingo games are all in good fun.

And her bus tours live on. To this day, Bingo Granny tours the open road, taking senior citizens to Bingo halls. She argues that it’s important for seniors to get out so that they can live a long and healthy life.

It has been proven with the medical association how important it is for us seniors to exercise our eyes, our brain, and so forth, and our bingo and our casino certainly give us that,” Stinson said.

It’s not just seniors who are taking the Bingo trips, though. Stinson has witnessed people of all ages meet for the first time on her bus tour and ultimately fall in love. So, no matter how old you are, join her bus tour and check out Bingo Granny. You’ll have a blast, even if you’ve only played online bingo and are completely new the live Bingo scene.