Treasure Island Slots Tournaments on 123Bingoonline

123Bingoonline have recently launched new and explicitly animated casino games that turned out to be a great hit, especially the online slots.

The slot games on Treasure Island are better than ever in all respects be it graphics, be it rewards and be it entertainment.

Witnessing the soaring grace of the slot games on Treasure Island, 123Bingoonline introduced slots tournaments, which by the way turned out to be a great sensation as well.

Now 123Bingoonline hosts Treasure Island Slots tournaments twice every week.

When a player is on their 123 Treasure Island section, a simple click on the tournament link on the top bar will flip open all the essential details that they need to know about the ongoing Treasure Island Slots tournament. These fundamental details include…

  • The name of the Treasure Island slot game that features the tournament,
  • the entry fee,
  • the time when the tournament starts and ends,
  • the maximum and minimum number of entrants essential to trigger the tournament and the current number of entrants,
  • the number of spins that are mandatory to play in the tournament,
  • and the amount of chips subsidized to begin the tournament.

Just below all this nitty-gritty is an “enter tournament” tab clicking on which allows the player to enter the tournament after satiating all the prerequisites.

The player to score the maximum number of wins at the end of a tournament wins a huge prize.

For further details you can visit the new Treasure Island slot tournaments web page on 123Bingoonline or contact their round the clock customer support.