Things Not to Do at a Bingo Hall

innernotto18062015The popularity of bingo has skyrocketed in recent years, and, if you’re like the majority of gamers, you’ve probably been itching to get in there and try it for yourself. Well, the good news is that bingo halls are available in a wide variety of locations around the planet.

On your first trip to these locations, you’ll want to be on your best behavior in order to avoid any unnecessary bad luck, right? Luckily, bingo etiquette is pretty easy to follow, so you’ll likely have no trouble fitting in with the regulars once the games begin. Just to be safe, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most important things to remember when you’re at the bingo hall.

Don’t start a riot

When you walk into the bingo hall, you’ll immediately realize that it’s no library. Socializing with your fellow players isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged. This social aspect is one of the many benefits that bingo provides over other gaming options. However, when the bingo caller gets to work, it’s important to be as quiet as possible in order to ensure every player can hear the results. After all, how would you feel if you missed a bingo call because of an unruly newbie?

Respect the Regulars

As a new player, there’s no reason to step on toes when beginning your bingo career. If players ask you to move out of their lucky seats, it’s never a bad idea to accommodate the request. In addition to winning the favor of your fellow players, this random act of kindness can’t hurt your bingo karma moving forward.

Respect the Caller

After a few losing cards, you may feel the urge to turn on the caller. In this case, it’s important to remember the fact that the caller can’t control your destiny. If you are having problems hearing the calls or keeping up, it’s perfectly fine to politely request this situation be remedied, but remember to stay civil with the bingo staff.

Be Sure about the Bingo

Calling bingo stops the flow of the game, and it can be extremely irritating to other players if you call false bingos. Double check your card before announcing your victory in order to avoid the uncomfortable glances from the competition when your win is determined to be a mistake.

Smoke only in Designated Areas

Bingo and smoking have a long history together, but many modern bingo halls still try to accommodate nonsmokers. For this reason, you should always go to designated smoking areas or check with nearby players before lighting up. This simple act can be another boost to your bingo karma.

There’s a good reason that bingo has remained so popular after so many years, and bingo halls are the perfect place to experience this exciting social game for yourself. With a dash of thought and conscientiousness, you can amplify the enjoyment factor of your next trip to the bingo hall, and, with a little luck, win a game or two for yourself!