These cool USA bingo halls should be on your hit list

innerusa16022016Love online Bingo? Wait until you play the live version. As amazing as online bingo is, nothing captures the thrill and magic as much as playing live Bingo does. And all across the USA, people are having a blast at some incredible Bingo properties. Don’t get us wrong. Online Bingo is phenomenal. But the world’s best Bingo players jump from the online world to the live one, enjoying all types of games.

If you want to win big playing Bingo, there are a few live Bingo halls that you need to play at. But not just any Bingo hall. We’re not talking about your local Bingo charity night at your Aunt Georgina’s friend’s condo community room. We’re talking about casinos that are serious about Bingo games.

Want in? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re crisscrossing the country to show you some of the planet’s best places to play live Bingo. Some are full-fledged Bingo halls with a focus on daubing. Others are casino-centric, but the rise in Bingo popularity has led them to expand to include Bingo. And others offer a healthy mix. So grab your pushpins and map (or the digital version of it) and get ready to plot your Bingo domination.

Oneida Indian Bingo, New York

When it comes to high stakes bingo, you’d be hard-pressed to find another live bingo hall that does it better than Oneida Indian bingo in Verona, New York. The property features an impressive daily game schedule from 9am through 7pm every day. There are early bird games, super-minis, warm-ups, and Main sessions, attracting players from all over the state.

Oneida has also become quite famous for its themed events. For example, this past weekend, they feature special Valentine’s Bingo rooms with extra special bonuses.

Arizona Charlie’s, Boulder, NV

It’s not the option of paper and electronic versions of Bingo that makes Arizona Charlie’s one of the best places to play Bingo. It’s the free donuts. Seriously. At the early morning sessions, you can stuff your face while you daub your way to riches.

Foxwoods Casino Resort, Connecticut

Today, Foxwoods Casino Resort is known as one of the planet’s biggest casino complexes. It’s the largest in North America, boasting more slot machines than any other casino. The complex is sprawling and expansive, and people come from all over North America to play in various events.

Foxwoods is home to big-time poker tournaments, attracting some of the world’s richest poker players to play in them. But despite the fact that it’s big on poker games, Foxwoods actually has its roots in Bingo.

The property was founded back in 1986 and originally featured bingo only. Their expansion into table games didn’t happen until 1992. Today, in addition to bingo, table games, slots, and poker, you can enjoy some of the country’s best golf, spa services, and fine dining.

And while the property has evolved beyond bingo, the Bingo hall still features a 3,600 Bingo hall, attracting those who love to daub their way to victor from all over the world.

Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas

With eight Bingo session each day, Gold Coast Casino is one of the most popular places to play in Las Vegas for bingo players. The live bingo hall features 720 seats, so while it’s not quite as big as what you’ll find in Ireland, it is nonetheless impressive for Bingo players of all stripes.

But what makes this Bingo hall extra special is the assortment of casino games offered. This is, after all, Las Vegas. So while Bingo is a huge deal, casino games are an equal footing. Gold Casino isn’t right on the strip, so it offers a nice reprieve from the chaos of the strip.

San Manuel Bingo, Near LA, USA

Forget regular bingo tournaments. San Manuel Bingo does things differently. Here, you’ll find themed nights like DJ, Dancing, and Daubing, a night that turns traditional Bingo into a club-like experience that you need to see to believe.

They’ve also become quite popular for their Do-It-Yourself Jackpot bingo game, which sees jackpots increase quite frequently based on whether it’s been hit or not. What’s more, dining choices are plentiful, so you never have to leave in between Bingo sessions.

Your living room

We know, we know. Sometimes it’s not that easy to jump around the country. That’s why one of the best places to play live Bingo in America is your own living room. At, you can jump into a Bingo game 24/7. You’ll find Bingo rooms for bankrolls of all stripes, plus things like Bingo tournaments and all kinds of fun promos running throughout the day.

If you’re new to, simply create your free account to get in on the action. It takes just a few minutes to get started and in no time you’ll be ready to daub your way to world domination.

Craving games besides just Bingo? We get it. A lot of live Bingo halls are also home to great casino games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and slots, not to mention video poker. At, you’ll find all sort of casino games to play too. Sure, the focus is on bingo. It always will be. But we recognize that it takes more than just Bingo games for the perfect Bingo experience.

Blast from the past:

National Stadium Bingo, Ireland

OK, this one isn’t in the US. But you’ll find tons of Americans seated in this European bingo hall. And who can blame them? National Stadium Bingo is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Seriously. Who says Bingo has to be played in church basements, community centers, or small bingo halls? In Ireland, it’s go big or go home. The classic church basement has been replaced by a giant stadium. We’re talking the type of stadium that you enjoy concerts and sporting events at.

The stadium features over 2,000 seats and almost every night, it’s filled to capacity. That means you can expect larger-than-life prize pools every single night. If you’re ever in Ireland, National Stadium Bingo needs to be on your must-visit list.