These Bingo Games are Perfect for the Young and Beautiful

inneryoung21062016Bingo isn’t just a game for retirement homes and senior citizens anymore! These days, bingo has been adapted to fit the unique preferences of audiences from all sorts of backgrounds. If you’re a beautiful, young individual looking for a way to pass the time while scratching your competitive itch, this is some seriously great news. Both high school kids and young adults are turning to bingo to socialize with friends and experience something new. You’ll need to take a look at your local calendar to find out which events are available in your area, but we’ve got a few examples of popular options that are taking North America by storm. Grab your dauber, and prepare to change the way you think about bingo going forward. This isn’t just your grandma’s game anymore.

Seattle’s Toughest Ticket

Staying entertained in Seattle isn’t too difficult. With multiple sports teams and an active community, individuals in the Emerald City have plenty of options for passing the time. Of course, everyone wants to take part in the latest and greatest activities, and sometimes the latest and greatest is something you may not expect. At a local senior center, bingo stereotypes go out the window on Friday nights. It’s no rare occurrence to see a line of 20-somethings stretched around the corner and down the sidewalk, and they’re all there for a night of bingo action. Spectators have referred to the monthly event as reminiscent of a scene at a hipster bar on Capitol Hill, but Bingo Karaoke isn’t like any bar you’ve ever visited.

Held at the Greenwood Senior Center, the event’s organizers are on a mission to defy bingo stereotypes with an exciting night of games and plenty of fun. Whether it’s the craft beer kegs or the popcorn machines, there’s certainly something unique about the senior center’s games. Around holidays, themed events add another layer of excitement to the proceedings, as evidenced by the Jingle Bell Bingo Karaoke event that sold all 224 tickets in a matter of hours.

Despite all the action, bingo still takes center stage at Karaoke Bingo nights. Local Restaurant owner Jeanne Barwick calls the action, mixing a heavy dose of filthy language with a dirty joke or two. In total, each event includes eight rounds of bingo, and winners take home $35 per round. Don’t expect graceful losers at these games, though. Losers have been known to throw balled up bingo cards at the winner to quell their frustrations.

Importantly, Karaoke Bingo offers more than just a great time. The event is also the senior center’s biggest fundraiser, contributing about $4,000 each month. These proceeds play a key role in funding arts programs, social services and part-time employees in order to improve the quality of life of the center’s many residents. If you’re in Seattle and up for a game of Karaoke bingo, the event takes place on the last Friday of every month. Call ahead, though, because these events have been known to sell out fast!

Smashing Stereotypes (and Pumpkins!)

In a suburb just outside of Chicago, bingo nights aren’t always hosted in church halls, and players come from all sorts of backgrounds. Self-professed hipsters dig the laid back vibes and old school atmosphere of bingo, and even rock stars get in on the fun. Billy Corgan, front man for Smashing Pumpkins, hosts monthly bingo nights in his Chicago teashop, and locals just can’t get enough. Despite all his rage, Corgan is a big fan of bingo balls in a cage. Each event is led by a different local celebrity. As an added treat, local nonprofits are chosen to benefit from the proceeds of each event.

Whether you’re a hipster or not, there’s no doubt about bingo’s recent return to prominence. Consider, for example, Rebel Bingo, a traveling bingo adventure that features DJs, drinking and exciting twists. Originally conceived in the basement of a London church in 2009, Rebel Bingo quickly grew into an international phenomenon, taking place at music venues from Los Angeles to Ibiza. In Rebel Bingo, simply completing a line isn’t enough to take home the prize. Added challenges are implemented to up the excitement and keep players interested, and the results have been tremendous. Rebel Bingo events have drawn as many as 2,000 players, and their typical guest ranges in age from 21 to 30. Bingo is officially out of the old folks’ home.

Wholesome Fun

We’re told that the wild party scene isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that bingo is out of reach. Many churches implement the game as a way to communicate a wholesome message without getting too judgmental. One example of this formula is Marriage Matters Bingo. This special version of bingo is meant to serve as a tool for teaching teenagers much-needed relationship skills. Under the guise of a game, organizers are able to communicate finely-tuned messages that can reach impressionable young people in a non-aggressive manner. If this sounds like your cup of tea, by all means, check it out.

For the rest of us, mixing libations, music, bingo, and karaoke together into an exciting night of action is a can’t-miss proposition. Forget about sitting in silence with your grandma and hoping to win a few rolls of toilet paper. Instead, seek out a bingo game for young people in your area. If you’re having any trouble finding a game, remember that it’s now easy to turn any event into a bingo tournament with the power of the internet. Just load up a game on your mobile device at 123BingoOnline, and you’ll instantly be adding the timeless fun of bingo to your daily routine. Get a few friends to play on their phones as well, and you’ve got yourself a bingo tournament without investing in any of that fancy bingo equipment. The key to having a great time is to play with friends, and that means the more, the merrier. Bingo is now a favorite for people of all ages, so don’t miss out on the action!