The top 3 places to play Bingo in the world

innerbest27072015Do you love playing bingo online? What about live? If you’ve been playing the iGaming version of Bingo for a long time now, there’s a good chance you don’t visit bingo halls all that often. And if you have never played live Bingo before, we’re willing to bet it’s because you associate live Bingo with a game that’s played in dusty church basements or mildew-smelling community centers that are as cozy as the change room at a hockey arena.

But that’s the Bingo hall of the 1970s. Today’s live Bingo halls are spectacular.

Today, we’re going to take you through the top ranked Bingo halls in the world. If you’re ever in any of these cities, we recommend paying a visit.

Red Rock Casino – Las Vegas

Just ranked among the 10 top casinos in the United States, Red Rock Casino sits off the strip, away fro the hustle and bustle of Sin City. The bingo hall has both a smoking and a non-smoking section, which is great for those non-smokers who associate playing Bingo with second-hand smoke. The Bingo hall is packed with large TVs to watch sporting events, so it’s easy to enjoy Bingo while taking in a game. Plus, you get all the plush amenities that have made Red Rock Casino so famous right at arm’s reach.

National Stadium Bingo – Ireland

Forget a few hundred seats. National Stadium Bingo in Ireland holds up to 2,000 players. Not all the seats are filled at once, though. A typical turnout hovers between 600 and 800. If you’re ever in Ireland for business or pleasure, check this place out. Bingo is really a part of the Irish culture so even just sitting back to watch is fun.

Foxwoods Casino Resort – Connecticut

Foxwoods actually toped that casino list that Red Rock made itself onto, so you know you’re getting top-notch everything when you set foot inside this legendary casino. And Foxwoods isn’t just a casino that happens to have a Bingo hall. Foxwoods originally opened its doors in 1986 as a Bingo hall with no casino games. But my, how times have changed. Today, Foxwoods has 7,200 slot machines, which is the most slots machine in any casino, worldwide.

Can’t travel? Play online

With, you can turn pretty much any environment into your own virtual Bingo hall. Got a favorite café where you love to just chill with a warm cappuccino? Park yourself in a comfy couch and enjoy a game of Bingo or even a Bingo tournament. On the bus? If you can get an Internet connection, you can get in the game at

It gets better. Not only can you play your favorite Bingo games, but you can play them whenever you want, 24/7. Because our Bingo players come from all corners of the planet, there’s always a game waiting for you. Plus, just like Red Rock and Foxwoods, you’ll find a huge collection of casino games, too. Remember, it’s totally free to check out, so create an account and come play.