The top 10 online bingo games for 2012

Searching for an amazing variety of options at online bingo sites? Then 2012 is definitely your year. The major online bingo sites have gone all out to give you exactly what you’re looking for—regardless of your bankroll. We’ve got your list of the best bingo games for 2012 right here, so read on and then find an online bingo site that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Quarters Bingo—It’s one of the most popular online bingo games, with single bingo cards running just $0.25 apiece. The 75-ball classic online bingo game’s low card price makes playing multiple online bingo cards very easy. And it’s not hard to find either. The best bingo sites have ‘em.

Nickels Bingo—Like nickel slots, Nickels Bingo games offer 5-cent online bingo cards. The 75-ball online bingo game is extremely popular with people who want to win a lot without paying a lot or are playing with money they won on online bingo promotions.

Ruby Room—For online bingo players interested in a bigger game with more balls, Ruby Room online bingo offers 90 balls over the traditional 75. All it takes is a quarter to grab a bingo card.

Mixed Bingo—Looking for even more randomness? Mixed Bingo offers it with cards ranging in price from bingo game to bingo game.

High Roller Bingo—If you’ve got a bigger bankroll to play with, you’ll want to walk the red carpet to the high roller bingo room. It’s one of the best bingo games around, where the virtual seats are more comfortable and the play is more aggressive. With cards priced at $1 each, and the ability to play multiple bingo cards offered, the prize pool of each online bingo game has the potential to be massive.

Tournament Bingo—Got more time? Tournament bingo might be the way to go, especially if you want every game to count for something, no matter how you finish. Tournament bingo works differently depending on the online bingo site, so check your site rules first to see how points are earned and calculated.

Million Dollar Bingo—High rollers seem like amateurs to those entering the Million Dollar Bingo room. Cards are priced at $3 a pop, so you’ve got to have deep pockets if you intend on playing multiple cars.

Newbie Room—If you’re just starting out and want to test the online bingo waters, Newbie bingo is built for you. For the same price as one high roller online bingo card, you’ll get 10 of them when you play Newbie online bingo where cards are just 10 cents each.

Free Bingo—If a dime is out of your price range and assuming you’ve already looked under your sofa cushions for extra change, don’t sweat it. Free bingo lets you experience the excitement of real-money bingo rooms without asking you for a penny. Of course, free bingo usually doesn’t come with cash prize pools, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet.

Slot Machines—One of the most popular online bingo games for 2012 isn’t actually an online bingo game at all. Most of the big online bingo slots have invested big money in bringing you the best online slots available. And just like online bingo, they come in all kinds of denominations.

Online bingo sites are constantly evolving, adding new games and features to the mix. If you’ve never played online bingo before, there’s plenty to look forward to. So grab a free online bingo account and find out what all the excitement for 2012 is all about.