The one Bingo game that’s changing everything

inneramazing16032016It’s Bingo night! Wait a minute. Last game night was Bingo night. And the game night before. In fact, you’ve been jumping between online Bingo and the live version pretty much every Saturday night for the last month. You want to mix things up this week and play something else. Your friends love games, so naturally, a board game seems like a perfect idea.

On your shelf is Monopoly. It’s a classic, except your friend Caryn is coming over and she’s a bit of a Monopoly psychopath — a classic board-flipper and the type of gal whose presence requires you to hide the kitchen knives, just in case she misses out on hitting Boardwalk.

Your next option is Clue, except your kids have removed half the game pieces and colored every single piece of paper on the Detective’s Note Pad. A deck of cards remains, so poker could be a viable option. The only problem? You have no idea where your poker chips are (again, your kids probably hid them). Plus, most of your friends don’t like poker.

So what do you do? Well, we can’t help you this time. But for the next game night, you might want to invest in Amazing Bingo, a brand new Bingo game that pairs famous board game concepts like Trouble and Monopoly with Bingo.

What is Amazing Bingo?

In Amazing Bingo, your goal is to fill up your Bingo card and be the first player to yell Bingo. But instead of relying on someone to pull and call balls, you daub your card by landing on a required number. And you get the numbers you need by moving your game piece around a maze-like board.

The game features 75 numbers on the board, plus a few other special spaces that come give the player who lands on them a unique ability or advantage. The game’s zigzag format means that you can choose to move in various directions, so you’re not constantly waiting to work your way around to the number you need.

Slap Dice

To move about the board, you roll a pair of dice. On one side of the dice is a slap symbol. If you roll it, you can go after the numbers you need to fill your Bingo card. The numbers are hidden from other players, so the game also feels a bit like poker. The reason for this is so that your opponents can’t see what numbers you need. Of course, by choosing a required number, you might be helping your opponents.

Dab Nab It

If you roll a Dab Nab It, you’ll have the option to move a player of your choice to another start square. Or, you can opt to make them miss a turn. If you’ve just started a game, your best bet is to make them restart. Later in on the game, when more players have filled their cards, it’s smarter to make them miss a turn.

A player can be forced to miss a turn by more than one player consecutively, but you can’t use the same DNI two consecutive times, particularly if the player’s next move lets them land on a Dab Nab It spot.


If you land on Quicksilver, you’re golden. Or should we say silver? Either way, you’re in great shape because the Quicksilver spot works as a transporter pad, allowing you to catapult to the number you need. It’s also a safe place to stick around if you can’t make it to the number you need on time.

More rules to wrap your head around

There are more rules to wrap your head around as you play Amazing Bingo, but they’re all explained when you open the box. It really is an easy game to learn (I’d argue easier to learn that Monopoly, Clue, and lots of other board games). And once you’ve got a handle on the rules, it’s easy to teach others how to play.

Perfect for all ages

OK, maybe not all ages. But the Amazing Bingo creators say that the game is perfect for those aged 8 to 108. And while the 108 number may seem a bit high, we totally understand why the age is on there.

It turns out Bingo might actually be good for cognitive development and health. Recent research shows that playing Bingo could help the eyes stay alert by improving mental agility and flexibility. Because a senior’s visual skills weaken as the years go on, this is a big deal.

And in another study, Bingo players seemed to show more accuracy daubing numbers than younger players who didn’t play the game. While their reaction times might not have been as fast, they were more accurate in daubing the right numbers. And the same findings carried over to older Bingo players vs. older non-Bingo players.

Play Bingo now

If you’re sold on Amazing Bingo but tonight is game night and your shipment hasn’t arrived yet, we have a solution. Instead of playing traditional Bingo with your home Bingo set, why ask everyone who is coming over to bring their laptop? Then, get everyone to set up a free account at

You can find a variety of Bingo rooms open 24/7, so whenever your game night happens to fall, you can get in on the action. You can all jump into the same room at the same time, or hop into a Bingo tournament and go to battle against one another.

If you’d rather not play for real money, don’t sweat it. You can all play online Bingo for free. To get started just create your free account. There is no need to set up separate free accounts and a real money accounts. Just one single account does it all, so you can jump from the free Bingo rooms to the real money Bingo rooms in a snap. Plus, when you’re ready to play for real cash, you can take advantage of Bingo promotions to boost your bankroll. Isn’t that amazing?