The Most Fun Bingo Games You’Ve Never Played


Getting bored of Bingo? Of course you’re not. You love the game. You love the thrill that comes with inching closer and closer towards a completed line. And you love being the first to bolt from your seat when complete one of those rows or columns.

But just like any other game, it’s sometimes good to mix things up. For example, when I have home poker games, we usually start off with Texas Hold’em. After about an hour of ups and downs, we switch gears and try a different poker variation. Sometimes 7-Card Stud. Sometimes Omaha. It’s still poker, but it’s something different.

If you’re the type of Bingo player who craves variety, listen up. We’ve got three very cool Bingo games that you need to try. You can play them at your next home Bingo games with friends.

Elimination Bingo

Your goal in traditional Bingo is to complete a row or column and shout Bingo! But when you play Elimination Bingo, a blank Bingo card is way more desirable. In this variation of Bingo, players who complete a line are eliminated from the game. The last player left standing is declared the winner. If you’re the type of Bingo player who just never wins, Elimination Bingo could be your game.

Mini Bingo

A traditional Bingo card has 25 squares. If you want to speed things up, give Mini Bingo a try. With just 9 squares and 30 numbers to draw from, the game is way faster. This version is sometimes called Tic Tac Bingo, in honor of Tic Tac Toe (not Tic Tacs, the candy).

Blackout Bingo

In the mood for a longer, more drawn out game? Forget about shouting Bingo when you fill a line. With Blackout Bingo, you need to cover off every square on the Bingo card before you can notch a win. If you’re the type of player who flips over a Monopoly board after two hours because no one is getting anywhere in the game, Blackout Bingo is definitely not for you.

While not all of these Bingo variations are available online, has some amazing stuff worth checking out, so sign in and see what’s new now!