The big benefits of Team Bingo

innerteam25032015There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. But there is an ‘I’ in ‘Team Bingo’. Confused about what we’re talking about? Team Bingo? Isn’t Bingo an every-man-for-himself type of game? Yes and no.

If you’re used to playing at traditional Bingo halls, then yes, Bingo is all about being selfish, finishing that Bingo card on your own, and being the first to call Bingo as you race towards the Bingo caller, hoping no one else beats you to it. But online, and at some of the newer Bingo halls around the world, Team Bingo is very real. And it’s very popular.

Team Bingo is exactly what it sounds like. It’s Bingo as part of a team. Instead of playing on your own, you’re playing in a group. For the most part, everyone gets their own Bingo cards. And in most Team Bingo games or tournaments, you play just as though you’re playing by yourself. The difference? You can pool your successes to win bigger prizes and, hopefully, more often.

Today we’re going to look at the benefits of Team Bingo. If you’ve never played before, you’ll definitely want to listen up. And if you have played before, here are three big benefits you might not even have thought of.

It’s not necessarily about winning
It seems kind of odd that a game based exclusively on being the first to fill up a card would create a tournament format that isn’t necessarily all about filling up cards. But that’s just how it is with Team Bingo tournaments. Instead of worrying about winning, you just have to worry about collecting points. For example, you could come in 3rd in 10 bingo games while your friend comes in first in three games but barely makes the top 10 in the other seven. Depending on how points are awarded, you could end up earning more points for your play.

The intensity can actually be lower than what you’re used to
If a typical Bingo game has you feeling panicked because everything seems so rushed, Team Bingo tournaments might be for you. In some tournaments, it’s not about doing well in 5 or 10 games. It’s about how you do all day, with points calculated based on your percentage of wins. Because you have all day to rank on the board that determines who moves on to the next day, things can feel less chaotic.

You can screw up and it might not matter
You know that feeling you get when you fill up a Bingo card? It’s usually pure elation. If you’re a seasoned Bingo player, you know how important it is to scream “Bingo!” right away. If you’re not so seasoned, however, you might completely forget. And if that happens, someone else could beat you to it. But with Team Bingo, it might not matter. If you forget to scream Bingo and someone else does, it might not be a bad thing – especially if the person who beat you to the punch is on your team.

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